For this item's main-hand variant, see master wand.
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Mages' book detail

The Mages' book is a book used as an offhand weapon for spell-casting. The Mages' book requires 60 Magic to wield and is held in the offhand slot. It has the exact same stats as a grifolic orb but is much more expensive and requires a lot more effort to obtain, but may be recoloured in exchange for loyalty points.

It is a reward from the Mage Training Arena minigame, sold by the Rewards Guardian in exchange for 500 telekinetic, 550 alchemist, 6,000 enchantment, and 500 graveyard pizazz points without any Desert tasks discount.

It was a rare potential drop from PvP worlds or Bounty worlds until its removal from the PvP drop table on 16 June 2009.

It may also be coloured with the Members Loyalty Programme for 6000 points. The available colours are:

Combat Stats
RequirementsMages' book equipped
60 Magic
Magic MagicShield slot
Fastest (2.4s)
AttributesDamage reduction
DefenceArmour0PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
ConstitutionLife points0Style bonuses

Price DropEdit

On 7 September 2014, the price that a Mages' book could be bought on the Grand Exchange fell sharply from around 500,000 to around 30,000. The cause was never officially stated by Jagex. Mod Tyran stated that it was not caused by an in-game glitch or item duplication. On 8 September 2014, Jagex began removing the excess Mages' books from players that had purchased bulk amounts of them in the previous 24 hours, without refund.


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