Release date 10 November 2014 (Update)
Race Rabbit
Members Yes
Quest NPC No
Location Hefin Clan, Prifddinas
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine Separated from its family when Prifddinas grew up around it.
Madoc location

Madoc is a rabbit found in the Hefin Clan district of Prifddinas after completing the steps to unlock the title: [Name] the Hunter / [Name] the Huntress. He is investigated as the final step to unlock the title. Investigating him prompts the message, "You recognise the lone bunny who burrowed where Prifddinas grew. You decide to leave him alone after all he's been through." After the title is obtained, he continues to wander around next to the statue of Seren.

How to find himEdit

Equip a Larupia hat, Larupia top, Larupia legs, Hunter's crossbow, Long kebbit bolts, and a Strung rabbit foot, and have a Teasing stick in your inventory, then complete the following steps in order:

  1. Go to the southern entrance of Prifddinas to find the initial tracks.
  2. In the Iorwerth Clan district, use the teasing stick on the small obelisk.
  3. In the Trahaearn Clan district, use the teasing stick on any unmined gem rock.
  4. In the Cadarn Clan district, kill a Cadarn magus; this step must be completed with all the required gear equipped. You can bring a familiar or off-hand weapon if you are having trouble.
  5. In the Crwys Clan district, use the teasing stick on the Spirit Tree.
  6. In the Meilyr Clan district, use the teasing stick on any harmony pillar.
  7. In the Tower of Voices, use the teasing stick on the lodestone.
  8. In the Ithell Clan district, use the teasing stick on the crystal-flecked sandstone mine.
  9. In the Amlodd Clan district, use the teasing stick on the light rift.
  10. In the Hefin Clan district, Madoc is by the statue of Seren.
  11. Speak to Madoc once he appears.

You'll be told "As you investigate the area you see something scuttle away, leaving more tracks" to make you aware each step has been completed.


  • The fact that he's encountered and remains in the Hefin district of Prifddinas alludes to the symbol of the Hefin Clan: a rabbit.
  • Madoc is a Welsh name meaning fortunate. A rabbit's foot is believed to bring good luck.

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