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Mad Scientist Outfit concept art

Concept art for the Mad Scientist outfit.

The Mad Scientist outfit is a five-piece costume that will be awarded to any members who attend at least four of the Combat beta weekend events. To acquire the set, log in to a beta world between 4:00PM Friday and 10:00AM Monday (BST/British Summer Time) and participate in that weekend's event.

Around mid-September, the five-piece outfit will be awarded to players on the live game. If you haven't completed 4 out of the 5 required events (as marked by Yes in the table below), you will not receive any pieces of the costume at all.[1][2]

Weekend Beta Events

Each weekend of the Evolution of Combat beta there is a new event for players to attend. The official events are usually held by Jagex, but there have been events hosted by other RuneScape players and groups.

Date Activity Requirements Description Unlock Outfit Piece Host
July 6th - July 9th Castle Wars None. Ring of duelling handy. Complete one or more entire games of Castle Wars. Victory or loss does not matter, as long as you remain for the entire twenty minutes. Yes Jagex
July 13th - July 16th Nex & Corporeal Beast Frozen key, respectively, Summer's End. High combat skills advised. Attempt to take down these mighty foes in combat. No RuneShark
July 20th - July 23rd Soul Wars None, although higher Slayer levels allow for more active participation. Complete one or more entire games of Soul Wars. No Jagex
July 27th - July 30th Duel Arena None. Ring of duelling is handy. Win or lose one friendly or staked match in the Duel Arena. Forfeits do not count. Any congifuration of options may be used. Yes Jagex
August 3rd - August 6th Pest Control A beta combat level of at least 50. Complete one or more entire games of Pest Control. Any difficulty will count. Yes Jagex
August 10th - August 13th Barrows Technically none, but high combat skills are advised, in addition to the completion of a number of Morytania quests for easy access. Complete one or more entire games of the Barrows minigame. Just opening the chest at the end will not count, you MUST loot it. This also means that not a single brother need even be harmed, as the chest may be looted while under attack. Chances of death are high, of course. Yes Jagex
August 17th - August 20th Stealing Creation None, but high levels in almost all skills help a lot. Games necklace handy for access. Complete an entire game of the Stealing Creation minigame. No Jagex
August 24th - August 27th Barbarian Assault None, but strong combat helps. Games necklace handy for access. Try your best to progress through Barbarian Assault and take down the Penance Queen. No Jagex
Early September TBA TBA TBA No (Yes if you missed a previous event) Jagex


  • Upon completion of the first and second weekend tasks players were presented with a message: "Congratulations, you have unlocked the a[sic] piece of beta armour!", which contains a grammatical error. As of the Pest Control event, this has been fixed.


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