Mad May was a members-only event that initiated throughout the whole of May 2012.[1][2] During this event, members received an additional extra spin on the Squeal of Fortune every day, bringing the total to 3 spins a day. At the start of June 2012, players that had remained a member throughout May received the mad necklace, which provided bonus experience in any skill trained for up to 250,000 experience. These players also received 5,000 extra loyalty points.[1]

Wild Weekends were the main activities that Mad May offered throughout its timespan. On the four weekends of May, various activities were carried out. Some activities included:

Controversy Edit

Many players found this event to be in bad taste due to the large amounts of experience it handed out to paying members. This was during a time in which Jagex was releasing free experience/gold on an increasing scale through their payment incentive programs.



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