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Classic Runestone
Bronze maceIron maceSteel maceBlack maceWhite maceMithril maceAdamant maceRune maceGranite maceCorrupt dragon maceDragon maceTzhaar-ket-emVerac's flail Akrisae's war maceDrygore mace
Slot? Main-hand (has off-hand variants)
Style? Crush
Speed? FastestInterval: 2.4 secondsAttack speed fastest

A Mace is a one-handed (with the exception of the barrows maces) melee weapon, and it is one of the few weapons that provide a Prayer bonus, a trait shared by only a few other weapon-class items. Maces are identical in attack speed and damage to scimitars and daggers. Prior to the Evolution of Combat, these weapons were not often used, as they had a relatively slow attack speed and less damage than the more popular scimitars and shortswords. After the release, however, they began rapidly gaining popularity in Player killing scenarios, due to their Prayer bonus, as prayers are frequently utilised in PvP scenarios.

Players can buy maces from bronze to adamant in Flynn's Mace Market in Falador. Rune maces can be bought from the Champions' Guild. Dragon maces can be bought from the Heroes' Guild and require the completion of the Heroes' Quest to be wielded.

Although a flail is technically not a mace, the Verac's flail is classified as one, due to its Prayer bonus.


Maces Grand Exchange cost 
Bronze mace Bronze mace Coins 25 60 [view]
Iron mace Iron mace Coins 5 9 [view]
Steel mace Steel mace Coins 25 46 [view]
Black mace Black mace Coins 1000 1,573 [view]
White mace White mace Coins 250 513 [view]
Mithril mace Mithril mace Coins 100 104 [view]
Adamant mace Adamant mace Coins 250 502 [view]
Rune mace Rune mace Coins 1000 7,902 [view]
Granite mace Granite mace Coins 10000 25,030 [view]
Dragon mace Dragon mace Coins 10000 28,566 [view]
Corrupt dragon mace Corrupt dragon mace Coins 10000 51,549 [view]
Tzhaar-ket-em Tzhaar-ket-em Coins 10000 16,943 [view]
Drygore mace Drygore mace Coins 10000 62,454,890 [view]
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Off-hand Maces Grand Exchange cost 
Off-hand bronze mace Off-hand bronze mace Coins 5 15 [view]
Off-hand iron mace Off-hand iron mace Coins 25 39 [view]
Off-hand steel mace Off-hand steel mace Coins 25 66 [view]
Off-hand black mace Off-hand black mace Coins 1000 2,347 [view]
Off-hand mithril mace Off-hand mithril mace Coins 100 156 [view]
Off-hand adamant mace Off-hand adamant mace Coins 250 494 [view]
Off-hand rune mace Off-hand rune mace Coins 1000 7,542 [view]
Off-hand dragon mace Off-hand dragon mace Coins 10000 41,429 [view]
Off-hand drygore mace Off-hand drygore mace Coins 10000 28,282,156 [view]
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Special MacesEdit


  • Prior to the Evolution of Combat, the player would use both hands to swing a mace when attacking, despite it being a one-handed weapon.
  • Maces appear smaller when sheathed than they do in the hand.
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