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Lvl-2 Enchant

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This article is about the enchant spell. For the enchant tablet, see Enchant emerald.
Lvl-2 Enchant
Lvl-2 Enchant icon
Members? No
Level 27
Spellbook Normal
Type Enchantment
Experience 37
Runes 3 Air
1 Cosmic
Lectern Demon

Lvl-2 Enchant requires a magic level of 27. It imbues emerald jewellery with magical properties.

Note: Non-members can only enchant Emerald amulets into Amulets of defence.

This spell may be transferred to a piece of soft clay at a lectern in the Study of a Player-owned house, creating a magic tablet. The same runes are required, as well as the magic level needed to cast the spell, and the magic experience is earned when creating the tablet. The default option is to 'Break' this tablet, but the proper process is to 'Use' this tablet on a piece of emerald jewellery, which gives no experience. Players without level 27 Magic may also use these tablets. This spell gives 27.7 exp when cast in the Mage arena.

During the quest Rune Mechanics, an emerald alone can be enchanted, but it costs no runes and yields no experience.

Spell cost
3Air rune1Cosmic rune482
Combo runes
1Cosmic rune3Dust rune2,828
1Cosmic rune3Smoke rune2,504
1Cosmic rune3Mist rune3,017
1Cosmic runeStaff of air416
1Cosmic runeAvernic wandTome of frost416

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