The maximum damage of Combust, Dismember and Fragmentation shot is increased by 20% weapon damage per rank, but enemies that move will only take 1.5X increased damage.
Release date 29 March 2016 (Update)
Gizmo type Weapon
Maximum rank 3

Lunging is an Invention perk that increases the base ability damage of Combust, Dismember, and Fragmentation shot at the cost of less movement damage. It can be created in weapon gizmos.

CombustDismemberFragmentation Shot
Rank Damage Increase Minimum Hit Chance[1] Average Damage Effective Increase
Standing (1 Hit) Moving (1 Hit) Standing (5 Hits) Moving (5 Hits) Standing Moving
N/A ±0% 53.19% 24.12% 48.24% 120.60% 241.19% 0% 0%
1 +20% 48.08% 25.61% 38.41% 128.04% 192.06% 6.17% -20.37%
2 +40% 43.86% 27.19% 40.78% 135.93% 203.89% 12.72% -15.46%
3 +60% 40.32% 28.83% 43.25% 144.16% 216.24% 19.54% -10.34%
  1. ^ Chance for the ability to deal minimum damage


The base damage for the affected bleeds is given by:

\text{Ability damage} \times \max \big( random(1,100) \times 188%, 100% \big)
Where values less than 100% ability damage are boosted to the minimum of 100%.
random(1,100) represents a random number chosen in the range [1,100].

From this, we can calculate the chance for the ability to perform its minimum possible damage:

\frac{100}{188} \approx 53.19%

The damage multiplier from lunging is added to the maximum ability damage and has no effect on the minimum hit. As such, for rank R lunging, damage follows:

\text{Ability damage} \times \max \big( random(1,100) \times ( 188 + 20R) %, 100% \big)

This formula also affects the chance to hit minimum damage:


Knowing this, we can also calculate the average hit A:

A = 100P + Q(144 + 10R)
P is the chance to hit minimum damage; P = \frac{100}{188+20R}
Q is the chance to not hit minimum damage; Q = 1-P

The movement multiplier is added after all other calculations are done, so the average hit is simply multiplied by that number for analysis:

A_{moving} = 
2.0 \times A & \text{if no Lunging} \\
1.5 \times A & \text{if Lunging} \\

The movement multiplier is only present on Combust and Fragmentation Shot; Dismember does not deal any increased damage for a moving target, with or without this perk.


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Avernic components
Avernic componentsRare01233

Suggested gizmosEdit

Gizmo layout Possible perks
Avernic components
Avernic componentsAvernic componentsAvernic components
  • Lunging Lunging 3
Avernic components
Avernic componentsAvernic componentsAvernic components
Dextrous components
  • Other possible perks:
Avernic components
Avernic componentsAvernic componentsAvernic components
Subtle components
  • Other possible perks:

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