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Battle of Lumbridge arena

The crater, full of divine energy.

Lumbridge Crater

The crater, as it appears currently.

The Lumbridge Crater is located immediately west of Lumbridge. It was the site of the Battle of Lumbridge, where Zamorak returned to Gielinor and clashed with Saradomin over the power of Guthix, contained in the cave system that lies below Lumbridge and Lumbridge Swamp.


Portal (Lumbridge) week 2

The portal that appeared before the creation of the crater

A few weeks before Zamorak's arrival, a portal appeared in the woods between Lumbridge and Draynor Village, just south of an abandoned and derelict house. Various bystanders gathered to gawk at the portal as it grew in size.

When Zamorak stepped through the portal, he immediately noticed a glowing crack in the ground. From this crack radiated power, remnants of godly energy left by the death of Guthix. He started blasting the ground with magic, sending the civilians fleeing in terror and attracting the attention of Saradomin, who had returned to Gielinor earlier and in a more subtle fashion.

The two gods sent opposing beams of divine magical power at each other, which collided in mid-air. This occurred directly over a well of Guthix's power, the ground above which caved in as the gods battled over it. The energy involved in the contest soon overloaded and created a blastwave that tore up the ground, destroying trees, buildings and even the back wall of Lumbridge Castle.

Battle of LumbridgeEdit

Main article: Battle of Lumbridge
Battle of Lumbridge crater

The maelstrom formed at the centre of the crater

Saradomin and Zamorak stood at opposite ends of the crater, continuously battling with divine magic. Their followers set up camp around their feet, and encouraged adventurers to join their cause, to fight in the Battle of Lumbridge.

The power underneath the crater was released, and could be collected in the form of divine tears by those faithful to either of the gods, using the Mining, Woodcutting and Fishing skills. Adventurers also could choose to strike at the warriors of the opposing god, who dropped tears, pieces of sacred metal and parts of divine weapons to make weapon overrides.

Lumbridge RebuildathonEdit

As the end of the Battle of Lumbridge came with Saradomin as the victor, constructs from the battle were left behind and buildings were in ruins. Players helped Foreman George and his team rebuild the town of Lumbridge; players gathered resources from camps left behind, and rubble from the back wall of Lumbridge Castle. These were used to rebuild the buildings devastated in the battle. Towards the completion of the buildings, a memorial fountain was built just outside Hank's shop, in recognition of all the efforts made to restore Lumbridge.

2013 Thanksgiving eventEdit

During the event, angry turkeys were found on the northern side of Lumbridge crater, west of Lumbridge. The angry turkeys dropped raw turkeys and raw turkey drumsticks, and also offered rare chances for the cornucopia and the Give Thanks emote.

2013 Christmas eventEdit

Main article: 2013 Christmas event

Angered by his loss in the Battle of Lumbridge, Zamorak sent a demon "San'tar Klaws" to kidnap Santa Claus and ruin Christmas. Players could gain 'naughty' or 'nice' points on Santa's list by partaking in numerous activities around the snow-covered crater. When 750 of either points were collected, San'tar Klaws would free Santa from his cage.

Cabbage Facepunch BonanzaEdit

The former Saradomin camp subsided, and ruins from an old building underground were exposed. A battle ensued between gods Marimbo and Brassica Prime, based either side of the ruin, and Holstein, representative of the Godless, also arrived. Players could join any one of these three factions, and contribute by competing in the Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza minigame underground, involving monkeys and cabbages.

2014 Christmas eventEdit

Main article: 2014 Christmas event

Players could take part in a choice of four different activities, including helping Santa Claus deliver presents to NPCs for festive paper to build a giant cracker, hunting tinsel snakes, helping take down a snowman boss called Snowverload, and going snowboarding. In addition to this, a number of bosses wore festive Santa hats.

2015 Summer Beach partyEdit

During June 2015 the crater turned into a beach, organised by Battle of Lumbridge survivor Reyna. Before the party started, players needed to help her by bringing buckets of sand to the crater. The party itself features Distractions and Diversions portals, and activities (such as coconut shy, barbecuing, and sandcastle building), which grant experience. Clawdia also features as a boss that spawns every hour.

Celebration of FireEdit

Main article: Celebration of Fire

From 5 November 2015 to 9 November 2015, Guido Fawkes hosts a bonfire in the crater. Sera and Emmett perform their circus acts and also Carlos the Chef can be found here.

Reclamation by natureEdit

The crater received a rework on 6 March 2017. The crater and the Lumbridge swamp were reclaimed by nature with the help of some druid's[1] anima magic, as flora and fauna took over the crater. This reintroduced several animals (notably rabbits), several trees, a pool in the centre, and a bank chest to the far east side of the crater.


  • The crater and the ground dotted with green crystals are possibly a reference to the game Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun, where an asteroid impacted on Earth creating a giant crater and spreading green plant-like crystal shards all over the planet's surface.
  • Even though the maelstrom stopped after the Battle of Lumbridge, the examine text still read "A vast maelstrom of energy", but was later changed to "An empty crater".
  • This was supposed to be the first, lowest level, divination location, but due to overlapping release dates (i.e. the Battle of Lumbridge was not yet over when the Divination skill was released), the location got moved a little bit and was given its own little crater. Because there is little use for it, it was since temporarily used during some events, and this "will certainly not be the end of it".[2]
  • There is a single square located in the northeastern quadrant of the crater that causes the player to sink into the ground up to their knees. This is most likely a bug.


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