Lumbridge graveyard

The cemetery

The Lumbridge cemetery is a small cemetery just south of the Lumbridge church. It plays a part in the quests The Blood Pact and The Restless Ghost. The Restless Ghost can be started just north of here in the Lumbridge church, and part of the quest takes place in the cemetery. The entrance to the Lumbridge Catacombs and a yew tree is located in the cemetery. Xenia can be found by the entrance to the catacombs, and is the person who starts The Blood Pact quest. In the Lumbridge Task, Escort Duty, the player must take the wounded man to Xenia in the cemetery. The cemetery also features the finale of the Heart of Stone quest where a rift opens that takes the player and Kipple into a cave where they find Xenia. After this quest Xenia is replaced with Wizard Ilona.

Lumbridge grave walk

The path into the swamp outside the cemetery

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