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Lumbridge achievements
Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks
Release date 14 July 2008 (Update)
Area Lumbridge, Draynor Village and Draynor Manor
Members No
Reward Ring
Lamp rewards 500
Taskmasters Explorer Jack, Bob, Ned
Levels required
Total level: 479
Attack — Constitution — Mining 30
Strength — Agility — Smithing 68
Defence — Herblore — Fishing 30
Ranged — Thieving — Cooking 50
Prayer 45 Crafting 50 Firemaking 60
Magic 59 Fletching — Woodcutting 30
Runecrafting 57 Slayer — Farming —
Construction — Hunter — Summoning —
Dungeoneering — Divination — Invention —
Attack style icon fixed 44
Quest 33 Music icon fixed

The Lumbridge achievements are a group of achievements for the Lumbridge and Draynor Village area. The tasks can be started by speaking to Explorer Jack. You can also claim rewards from him. He can be found north of Lumbridge Castle in a house marked with the task Task map icon icon on the minimap. The house is just west of the general store.

These tasks are slightly different from other tasks in RuneScape, as it is geared towards low to mid-level players, so it is divided into task sets, namely - Beginner Tasks, Easy Tasks, Medium Tasks and Hard Tasks (rather than Easy, Medium, Hard and Elite). There are rewards in gold coins and experience bonuses (total of 12,000 experience points). However, the most significant benefit (for free players) in completing these task sets is getting the Explorer's Ring. The ring is tiered from level 1 to 4 and its abilities increase with each level. After each task set is completed, the ring will be upgraded to the next tier. It is possible to finish other tasks and get the coin rewards, but the lower-level tasks must be completed before the higher-tiered rings and experience lamps will become available. For example, if a player were to complete the Medium Tasks first, Ned would not reward them with the explorer's ring 3 until they had completed the Beginner and Easy task sets.

You can use the tables below as checklists to guide you. A walkthrough is also available. To complete the entire Lumbridge and Draynor Tasks (from Beginner to Hard), you will need the stats shown at the right. You also need to be able to kill a Giant rat and Zombie.

Skill pures cannot complete 'Ease of Access', 'Blast and Hellfire', and 'Gods, Give Me Strength' due to the 59 Magic and 45 Prayer requirements, limiting them to completion of the Easy Tasks and explorer's ring 2.

The Assist System cannot be used for any of these tasks. Temporary boosts can. Items on the tool belt are not listed.

Introductory TasksEdit

Main article: Introductory Tasks

Introductory tasks made up part of the RuneScape tutorial and path system, and were listed as part of the Lumbridge and Draynor task system. However they were not part of the task set and did not need to be completed to claim the explorer's ring. They were removed with the Achievements system update of 18 April 2017.

Beginner TasksEdit

Items Needed
  • Empty pot (obtainable next to where the task is done)
  • Bucket of water (A bucket spawns in the basement of Lumbridge Castle. Use on nearby sink to obtain a bucket of water)
  • Clay (you can use the clay you obtain in "Clay More")
  • Wheat (obtainable next to where the task is done)
  • 70+ coins
  • Raw shrimp (you can use the shrimp you catch in "Shrimpin' Ain't Easy" - catch several to be safe)
Quests Required
Skills Needed
  • None

It is recommended to follow the tasks in the order shown below, as it is one of the shortest paths available.

Task Description Quest Needed Skill Requirement
Master of All I Survey Climb to the highest point in Lumbridge.
(Climb the ladder on the northern side of the bank atop the roof of Lumbridge Castle)
None None
Raise the Roof Raise the flag at the very top of the Lumbridge Castle (atop the bank). None None
Hail to the Duke, Baby Speak to the Duke of Lumbridge. None None
Doom! Speak with the Doomsayer about the Warning System. None None
Sage Advice Speak to the Lumbridge Sage, east of Lumbridge Castle. None None
Ring My Bell Ring the bell in the Lumbridge Church.
The bell is located at the topmost floor of the church.
None None
Tinkle the Ivories Play the organ in the Lumbridge Church. None None
A Grave Consideration Look through Father Aereck's selection of gravestones. The Restless Ghost None
The Nexus Has You Visit to Ysondria at the Nexus to find out more. None None
Take Your Pick Mine some copper in the Mining spot to the south-east of Lumbridge Swamp. None None
Shrimpin' Ain't Easy Catch some shrimp in the Fishing spot to the east of Lumbridge Swamp. None None
Docking Out Enter Al Kharid via its west gate. None None
Window Shopping Browse the Lumbridge General Store. None None
The Fruit of the Sea Sell a raw shrimp to the Fishing shop.
The fishing shop is located north-west of the general store.
None None
Wait, That's Not a Sheep Visit Fred the Farmer's chicken and sheep farm. None None
Grinding My Gears Grind and collect some flour in the windmill north of Lumbridge.

Use wheat on the hopper on the top floor, pull the hopper lever, then collect the flour at the bottom with the empty pot on the table (or any empty pot).

None None
Clay More Mine some clay in the mine west of the windmill north of Lumbridge. None None
Just Add Water Make some soft clay in the Draynor Village potter's house.
The potter's house is the northernmost house in Draynor Village. You must do this inside the potter's house. Use a container filled with water on the clay. A vial of water will not work.
None None
Very Potter Make a pot on the potter's wheel in the Draynor Village potter's house. Bring one soft clay. None None
Hotpot Bake the pot in the kiln in the Draynor Village potter's house. None None
In the Countyard Enter the courtyard of the spooky mansion in Draynor Village.
The courtyard is near Veronica.
None None
Beware of Pigzilla Visit the Draynor Village market. None None
The Rules of Engagement Find out about the Rules of Conduct from the Draynor Town Crier. None None
Tower Power Climb to the top of the Wizards' Tower. None None

Beginner rewardsEdit

After completing all the tasks, speak to Explorer Jack to claim your reward:

Reward When worn When operated At all times
Explorer's ring 1 Explorer's ring 1
  • One charge per day to replenish 50% of run energy
Explorer's ring 2 Explorer's ring 2
Explorer's ring 3 Explorer's ring 3
  • An additional run replenishment charge per day (3 total)
  • Cabbageport - Unlimited teleports to the Falador farm cabbage patch.
Explorer's ring 4 Explorer's ring 4
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Easy TasksEdit

Items Needed
Quests Required
Skills Needed
Task Description Quest Needed Skill Requirement
Iron On Mine some iron ore from the Al Kharid Mining spot.

Mine 2 if you plan on doing the medium tasks.

None 15 Mining (If you are below combat level 29, you must be able to mine the ore while being attacked)
And It Was THIS Big! Catch a raw pike in the river to the east of Lumbridge Castle.
Pike is caught by bait fishing.
None 25 Fishing
Belter of a Smelter Smelt a steel bar in the Lumbridge furnace None 30 Smithing
Nowt Tool Look At Search the shed in Lumbridge Swamp.

You will receive this task even if you do go to Zanaris

None None
You Doity Rat Kill a giant rat in Lumbridge Swamp. None None
It Was Dead Already! Cut down a dead tree in Lumbridge Swamp.

Actually swamp trees.

None None
Camping Trip Light a campfire from normal logs in Lumbridge Swamp. None None
Ratatouille Cook some rat meat on a campfire in Lumbridge Swamp.
Make a fire within the boundaries of the swamp and use the meat on the fire; the task is completed even if the meat is burnt.
None None
I Can't Hear Dead People

Get a replacement Ghostspeak Amulet from Father Urhney.

If players have an amulet, they are required to drop them before talking to Urhney. Additionally if you have completed the Do No Evil quest and have the cramulet you will be required to drop that too as Urhney will know the ghostspeak is "tangled" up in it.

Once you have received the replacement, you can pick up the dropped amulet, if you want. However, if you attempt to bank them both, they become a single amulet.

Started The Restless Ghost None
Come In Here and Say That Taunt the demon on the 1st2nd floor[UK] of the Wizards' Tower.
By choosing the right-click option from the demon.
None None
What Is This Place? Have Sedridor teleport you to the Rune Essence Mine on the 2nd3rd floor[UK] of the Wizards' Tower. He is sitting in the south, at his desk. None None
Slippery When Wet Craft a water rune at the Water Altar. None 5 Runecrafting
Money Down the Drayn Access the bank in Draynor Village. None None
Klept-Old-Man-ia Have the Wise Old Man check your bank for unnecessary quest-related items. None None
Eye on the Prize Discover what the Wise Old Man is watching through his telescope.
The telescope is on the upper floor of his house.
None None
Draaaaaiiiiiins... Kill a zombie in the sewers under the jail. None None, but some combat experience is highly recommended
Artisan Crafting

Craft a clay ring.

You must fire an unfired clay ring with the pottery oven in Draynor Village. Make 2 rings, one to bless for 'Bless is more', and one to sell to Morgan for 'Morgan the Merrier'.

None 4 Crafting
Morgan the Merrier Sell a plain clay ring to Morgan in Draynor Village (he will not accept the clay ring which has been blessed). None None
Bless is More Have a clay ring blessed (take it to Father Aereck in Lumbridge Church). None None

Easy rewardsEdit

Talk with Bob in Lumbridge for your rewards:

Reward When worn When operated At all times
Explorer's ring 1 Explorer's ring 1
  • One charge per day to replenish 50% of run energy
Explorer's ring 2 Explorer's ring 2
Explorer's ring 3 Explorer's ring 3
  • An additional run replenishment charge per day (3 total)
  • Cabbageport - Unlimited teleports to the Falador farm cabbage patch.
Explorer's ring 4 Explorer's ring 4
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Medium TasksEdit

Items Needed
Quests Required
Skills Needed
Task Description Quest Needed Skill Requirement
Steel Justice Smith a steel longsword on the anvil in the jailhouse sewers.
Jail is in Draynor Village
None 36 Smithing
Where's the Beef? Get Beefy Bill to bank flour, cowhide, or beef for you.
Using one of any specified items will work even though he keeps it and does not send it to your bank.
None None
Ease of Access Use the teleport Lumbridge spell.
Not the Lodestone Network teleport, nor the tablet.
None 31 Magic
Willow the Wisp of Smoke Light a willow log fire on top of the Lumbridge Castle gatehouse.
2nd3rd floor[UK] of the gatehouse at the (east side) front of the castle, not behind the castle.
None 30 Firemaking
A Meal Fit For a Duke Cook a lobster on the range in Lumbridge Castle kitchen.
The task requires you to not burn the lobster, so at lower cooking levels bring several.
Cook's Assistant 40 Cooking
Always Be Prepared Try to obtain an Anti-dragonbreath shield from Duke Horacio
There is no need to drop the shield if you already have one.
Started Dragon slayer 33 Quest points
Weeping Willow Cut a willow tree, east of Lumbridge Castle, next to the Musician None 30 Woodcutting
One Day, You Shall Be a Fork Smelt a silver bar in the Lumbridge furnace None 20 Smithing
Made to Order Craft a holy symbol in the Lumbridge furnace.
You have to make Unstrung symbol
None 16 Crafting
Lovely With a Squeeze of Lemon

Catch a salmon in the river to the east of Lumbridge castle (bring feathers)

None 30 Fishing
Hi Ho, Silver Mine some silver from the mining spot north of Al Kharid None 20Mining
Everybody Loves Coal! Mine some coal in the mining spot south-west of Lumbridge Swamp.
The mining site is next to Shattered Worlds. Teleporting to the water altar, either through your wicked hood or a water altar tablet, brings you close to it.
None 30 Mining

Medium rewardsEdit

Cabbage teleport

Travelling on the dual cabbageway.

Speak to Ned in Draynor (the sailor) to claim your rewards:

Reward When worn When operated At all times
Explorer's ring 1 Explorer's ring 1
  • One charge per day to replenish 50% of run energy
Explorer's ring 2 Explorer's ring 2
Explorer's ring 3 Explorer's ring 3
  • An additional run replenishment charge per day (3 total)
  • Cabbageport - Unlimited teleports to the Falador farm cabbage patch.
Explorer's ring 4 Explorer's ring 4
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Hard TasksEdit

Items Needed
Quests Required
Skills Needed
Task Description Quest Required Skill Requirement
A Body in the Sewers

Smith a mithril platebody on the anvil in the Draynor Sewers

None 68 Smithing [67 with a Dwarven Stout, or 66 with Dwarven stout (m) or God banners; 63 with Orange Spicy stew for members only. Obtaining a +5 boost is very rare]
Building Up Strength Create an amulet of strength from scratch, all within Lumbridge (don't go below ground level).
  1. Smelt a gold ore into a gold bar. (Cannot use Superheat Item.)
  2. Cut an uncut ruby.
  3. Craft the gold bar and ruby into a ruby amulet with an amulet mould.
  4. Shear a sheep.
  5. Spin the wool on the first floor of Lumbridge Castle.
  6. String the ruby amulet.
  7. Enchant the amulet (using an enchant ruby tablet will not work. Casting the spell from the Lunar spells via the Spellbook Swap spell will work)

When performing this task, be sure to enchant the amulet only after completing the steps above, otherwise it will not count the enchantment as a task.

None 40 Smithing
50 Crafting (boosts do work)
49 Magic (boosts do work)
Have your Cake and Eat It Make a chocolate cake from scratch in Lumbridge Castle's kitchen:
  1. Mix an uncooked cake (mix an egg, a bucket of milk and a pot of flour in a cake tin)
  2. Bake the cake
  3. Add chocolate to the cake (make sure to right-click the chocolate bar as left click will make you eat it)

You can purchase all the ingredients from the Culinaromancer's chest but you must make the cake itself in the Lumbridge Castle kitchen (where the cook is), including making the uncooked cake.

Cook's Assistant 50 Cooking
Blast and Hellfire Cast Fire Blast at a training dummy in the Combat Academy in Lumbridge.
It should be one of the dummies from the Training Dummy Dispensers on the north side of Hank's Fishing Shop.
None 59 Magic (boosts work)
Gods, Give Me Strength Pray at Lumbridge Church altar with Mystic Might enabled. None 45 Prayer
Not Waving, But Drowning Craft 100 or more water runes simultaneously

Extra runes from Explorer's ring are not counted, but the task can still be completed with the ring equipped, provided the number of runes the player would receive without the ring is over 100. Use of pouches to hold essence does not count towards the task.

None 57 Runecrafting (57 Runecrafting guarantees at least 100 runes, but it is not necessary to have 57 Runecrafting in order to complete this. Multiple runes scale linearly up to 60% chance of extras; for waters, each extra level is 3.16% more likely for extras)

Members may receive a +2 bonus from Oldak in Dorgesh-Kaan, or a bonus of up to 6 levels from spicy stew. Additionally, completing Hero's Welcome will boost the runes made by 5%.

Are Yew As Fired Up As I Am? Burn some yew logs on top of the East Gatehouse of Lumbridge Castle. It is located just beside the Lumbridge wall gates; use either entrance. You must climb to the very top (where the two pickaxe spawns are). None 60 Firemaking (58 with a boost from a God banner)

Hard rewardsEdit

Speak to Ned in Draynor Village to claim your rewards:

Reward When worn When operated At all times
Explorer's ring 1 Explorer's ring 1
  • One charge per day to replenish 50% of run energy
Explorer's ring 2 Explorer's ring 2
Explorer's ring 3 Explorer's ring 3
  • An additional run replenishment charge per day (3 total)
  • Cabbageport - Unlimited teleports to the Falador farm cabbage patch.
Explorer's ring 4 Explorer's ring 4
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  • Some players were able to use the third ring's teleport option to bring boxing gloves and other items only usable within a Player-owned house, like tea, outside of their house. The glitch could also be used to smuggle Karamjan rum off of Musa Point. This glitch has since been fixed.
  • If players did not speak to the Guildmaster and ask him about Dragonbreath protection during the Dragon Slayer quest and they had already finished the quest, they were not able to obtain an anti-dragon shield from Duke Horacio and thus the related task could not be completed. This glitch is also now fixed.
  • There used to be an issue where, if a player reached a certain stage in the Swan Song quest but did not finish it, the Wise Old Man would not be available in Draynor Village to talk to the player about unneeded quest items in their bank, so the related task could not be completed. One workaround was to log into a non-members world to talk to him, but this wasn't completely reliable. With the Spirit of Summer update, Jagex fixed this so the player can now talk to Miss Schism to complete the task.
  • Incorrectly regarded as a glitch: Many players, while using the explorer's ring, wouldn't get their task list updated even when crafting more than 100 water runes. This is because the built-in possible extra rune bonus when crafting with the ring equipped does not count toward the 100 runes required. To avoid the false-hope, players should attempt this task without the ring equipped.
  • The Explorer Ring 4 had the ability to High Alch itself for 210 coins, or Low Alch itself for 140 coins. This glitch has been fixed.
  • When the hard tasks were released, the Explorer's Rings didn't produce extra air, water, earth, or fire runes while runecrafting. This glitch has been fixed.
  • After the Task Update, the "Are Yew As Fired Up As I Am?" description read "Burn a yew log on the west gatehouse of Lumbridge Castle." However, to complete the task, a yew log needed to be burnt on the east gatehouse. This glitch has been fixed.
  • When the Hard set of tasks was released, there was a bug where shearing only a certain sheep would update the task.

Skill BoostsEdit

If skill level is not high enough to complete a certain task, temporary boosts may be available to raise it to allow completion. See the relevant skills for more information.


  • It is the only task set which doesn't have elite difficulty. Moreover, it is the only task set which has 'beginner' difficulty.
  • The task set only went up to Medium upon release because "Lumbridge is, after all, a beginner's town." The Hard tasks were later added in September 2010.
  • After the RuneScape High Detail update, players could see the green star in Bob's Brilliant Axes, and near Ned's cabin in Draynor Village. This was later removed by Jagex as they had not released the Lumbridge task set yet. After the full release of Runescape HD, the two green stars reappeared again at Bob's Brilliant Axes and Ned's Cabin.
  • In the beginner task set, the task of selling a shrimp to the fishing store was added to the original tasks later as the fishing shop was new. However this did not affect people who had already completed the tasks.
  • The Beginner task list used to say to create the soft clay and pot in the Barbarian Village, since there was no potter's wheel in Draynor Village at the time of the update. However, when a potter's wheel and clay oven was added to Draynor Village, the task was changed so it would fit the area the tasks were supposed to be done in.
  • Lots of task names refer to popular culture, including:
    • The Beginner task 'Hail to the Duke, Baby!' is a nod to the film Army of Darkness, a cult classic. "Hail to the King, Baby" is a infamous line said by the star at the end of the film. This line was also referenced by Duke in the Duke Nukem series of games, along with many other pop culture references.
    • The Beginner task 'Shrimpin' aint easy' is a pun on 'Pimpin' aint easy'
    • The Easy task 'Berry tasty" is a reference to Strawberry Shortcake, a TV show for kids. The main character of this show, Strawberry, and her friends often use "berry" instead of "very".
    • The Beginner task 'Very Potter' sounds like Harry Potter.
    • The Easy task 'Draaaaaiiiiiins...' is a modification of 'Braaaaaiiiiiins...', which is commonly said by zombies in various fictional works.
    • The Easy task 'Ratatouille' has the same name as the Disney-Pixar film "Ratatouille".
    • The Hard Task "Not Waving, But Drowning" has the same name as the most famous poem of the renowned British poet Stevie Smith.
  • After you have completed all the non-set tasks you will get 177,000 coins , one red dye, one magic staff, 60 air runes, 60 mind runes, 10 cosmic runes, one sapphire amulet and 5 raw herring.
  • All the non-set tasks don't have to be completed in Lumbridge or Draynor.
  • "Dual Cabbageway" is a pun on dual carriageway.
  • The jingle for when you finish a task set is a small section of "Flute Salad" a song that used to play in Lumbridge.