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Lumberjack clothing (male) equipped

A player wearing Lumberjack clothing.

The set of Lumberjack clothing is dropped in pieces by Undead Lumberjacks in the Temple Trekking minigame. Lumberjack clothing, when worn, gives extra Woodcutting experience for cutting logs. This includes experience gained from chopping ivy, obtaining lumber from a Woodcutting skill plot, and cutting boards for jobs at the sawmill. This does include experience from the Distraction and Diversion, Evil Tree, but not for finishing a sawmill job. Level 44 Woodcutting is required to wear Lumberjack clothing. The pieces of Lumberjack clothing are as follows:

Image Name XP Bonus
Lumberjack hat Lumberjack hat1.0%
Lumberjack top Lumberjack top1.0%
Lumberjack legs Lumberjack legs1.0%
Lumberjack boots Lumberjack boots1.0%
Sub-total 4.0%
Set Bonus 1.0%
Total 5.0%
A full lumberjack set can be stored in the armour case in the Costume Room of a
Lumberjack clothing female equipped

A female player wearing lumberjack clothing.

player-owned house.

When using the whole set, the experience per log can be calculated by using the formula 1.05 \times (\text{XP per log}), rounding down to the nearest tenth of an experience point.

The 5% experience boost does stack with bonus experience.


Lumberjack clothing is obtained during the Temple Trekking/Burgh De Rott ramble minigame. One of the events players may encounter during Temple Trekking is an area where there is a broken bridge. This event is where the clothing can be obtained. In this event, undead lumberjacks may come out of the water (note, sometimes no lumberjacks appear and trees must instead be used to repair the bridge). They drop planks, which can be used to repair the bridge, but they can also occasionally drop pieces of the Lumberjack set. One or more pieces can be obtained per event.

After the 17 August 2011 revamp, the undead lumberjacks will drop the pieces in order, starting with the boots, then the hat, legs, and top. Missing pieces will be dropped before you get duplicates of the set. The pieces also became far more common drops after this update. All of the Lumberjack items can be obtained on any of the routes. The pieces are dropped in a cycle and additional sets can be obtained once you have completed one.

The fastest way to obtain the Lumberjack set is to guide somebody who has the ability to tell what lies ahead. This gives 3 opportunities to find the broken bridge event at each intersection. Rolayne Twickit has an advantage of being able to see ahead at only level 20, whereas the other NPCs only gain this ability after their third level tier.

Alternatively one can take any person through Route One (the easiest route). This enables the player to skip past most combat events. In addition, the player should carry Slayer rings or Kharyrll Teleport runes to teleport out of the Bog event, and possibly also the sick people event, due to the time these events take.


The usefulness of the Lumberjack clothing is highly debated. Depending on the goal the woodcutter is aiming for, generally, the difficulty in obtaining all four pieces outweighs the benefits. Assuming the goal is from level 44 to 99 (12,978,782 experience points), 5% works out to 648,939.2 experience. With an estimated 80,000 experience per hour by chopping ivy, the Lumberjack clothing can save eight hours of woodcutting. However, the time it takes to obtain the set can vary greatly, with some players having reported obtaining the full set after 10 hours of play, though this may no longer be the case. Hence, some players regard the lumberjack clothing as worthwhile only for aesthetic purposes, unless the goal is to gain very high Woodcutting experience (for example, 200,000,000).

However, the above analysis mainly applies to players who are only interested in gaining Woodcutting experience. Some players regard Temple Trekking as a fun and rewarding minigame in itself, in which case getting a set of Lumberjack clothing is seen as a bonus. Some other players find training Woodcutting to be tedious, so acquiring Lumberjack clothing helps them gain Woodcutting experience on the occasions where they need to train it (such as levelling up to qualify for a quest).

Additionally, with the release of the new Morytania tasks, there is an incentive to level all characters to 99, which will almost certainly take long enough that the clothing will be found simply as a side benefit.


  • The description for the clothes reads, "You'll certainly be alright wearing these", referring to The Lumberjack Song in the British comedy sketch television show Monty Python's Flying Circus. The clothes themselves look just like those that the typical lumberjack wears. This is one of many references to Monty Python found in RuneScape.
  • On the first day of release, there was a glitch where players were not able to receive the boots as a drop. It was much easier to get the other clothing pieces before this was fixed.
  • In the past, Lumberjack clothing failed to apply its bonus experience when chopping ivy. This has been fixed. Now it incorporates the bonus directly into the total experience earned by chopping.
  • Along with the Golden Mining Suit, Master Runecrafting Robes, Black Ibis, Constructor's Clothing and the Fishing bonus set, they doubled the bonus experience received, from 2.5% to 5%.

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