Lucky equipment is the collective name for a series of powerful untradeable weapons and armour that can only be received through Treasure Hunter (which replaced the Squeal of Fortune). Lucky items are exactly the same stat-wise to their normal counterparts.

Lucky items will be lost on death in the wilderness, and the killer will not receive any drop for the item. Lucky Dungeoneering rewards will not refund tokens when destroyed. Lucky items cannot be alchemised, augmented or disassembled even when their non-lucky counterparts can be.

Most lucky equipment can be recovered from Diango if destroyed. The equipment will disappear on death if not protected in dangerous PvP (making them unrecoverable from Diango); however they will appear under a gravestone. The Items Kept on Death value of a lucky item is equal to the Grand Exchange market price of its normal counterpart.

The lucky cutlass is not part of this set of equipment.


Lucky Armadyl helmet Lucky Armadyl helmet Lucky Armadyl chestplate Lucky Armadyl chestplate Lucky Armadyl chainskirt Lucky Armadyl chainskirt
Lucky Bandos helmet Lucky Bandos helmet Lucky Bandos chestplate Lucky Bandos chestplate Lucky Bandos tassets Lucky Bandos tassets
Lucky hood of subjugation Lucky hood of subjugation Lucky garb of subjugation Lucky garb of subjugation Lucky gown of subjugation Lucky gown of subjugation
Lucky Ahrim's hood Lucky Ahrim's hood Lucky Ahrim's robe top Lucky Ahrim's robe top Lucky Ahrim's robe skirt Lucky Ahrim's robe skirt
Lucky Dharok's helm Lucky Dharok's helm Lucky Dharok's platebody Lucky Dharok's platebody Lucky Dharok's platelegs Lucky Dharok's platelegs
Lucky Guthan's helm Lucky Guthan's helm Lucky Guthan's platebody Lucky Guthan's platebody Lucky Guthan's chainskirt Lucky Guthan's chainskirt
Lucky Karil's coif Lucky Karil's coif Lucky Karil's top Lucky Karil's top Lucky Karil's skirt Lucky Karil's skirt
Lucky Torag's helm Lucky Torag's helm Lucky Torag's platebody Lucky Torag's platebody Lucky Torag's platelegs Lucky Torag's platelegs
Lucky Verac's helm Lucky Verac's helm Lucky Verac's brassard Lucky Verac's brassard Lucky Verac's plateskirt Lucky Verac's plateskirt


God WarsEdit







The following items were removed from Treasure Hunter/Squeal of Fortune, but still exist in-game for those who won them. They were made available again during Wonderbar and Bonus Boosters promotions on Treasure Hunter in 2016 and 2017.



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