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Lucky Saradomin godsword detail

The Lucky Saradomin godsword is a very rare item that can be won on Treasure Hunter. It has the same bonuses and passive effect as the regular Saradomin godsword, but is untradeable and has a slightly different appearance – it is noticeably darker than the original version.

If lost in PVP, nothing will appear for the other player (coins or otherwise).

Special attackEdit

The Lucky Saradomin godsword has a special attack, Healing Blade, which deals 175% weapon damage (though testing results show the special does up to 270% damage), and restores life points by half of the damage dealt and prayer points by 2.5% of it. The special is found under the Constitution abilities. The special has no cooldown and can be used as long as you have 50% adrenaline (or 50% special attack energy on legacy mode), making it essentially an infinite source of health and prayer points.


The Lucky Saradomin godsword (passive) is made by using the godsword on the altar in Commander Zilyana's room in the God Wars Dungeon, requiring 70 Agility. This makes it lose its special attack, but gives it a passive effect that has a 25% chance of activating upon a successful hit, healing 3% of your maximum life points and recovering 3% of your maximum prayer points with each successful hit.

The special attack is more useful for emergency heal situations and can heal a lot of life points instantly, especially if used under damage boosting abilities such as Berserk. The passive effect heals more consistently and has a comparable life points restore but substantially better prayer points restore. However, for players with access to superior weaponry (such as drygore weaponry) who do not wish to use a level 75 weapon (which is required in order to benefit from the passive effect), the special attack is preferable.

Combat StatsLucky Saradomin godsword equipped
Skill requirements
75 Attack-icon
Attack Melee2h slot
Constitution-iconLife points0
Style bonuses
Attack speed
Interval: 3.6 seconds
Attack speed average

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