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For the equipment, see Lucky equipment.
0.5% chance per rank when hit that the damage dealt will be reduced to 1. Does not stack with the equivalent Warpriest effect.
Gizmo type Armour
Maximum rank 5

Lucky is an Invention perk which has a 0.5% chance per rank when hit that the damage dealt will be reduced to 1. This perk does not stack with Saradomin or Zamorak warpriest armour. Lucky works on all damage types, including "combat" typeless. This means that it works on reflected damage and Helwyr's bleeds, but not Araxxor's cleave or Dwarven rock cake (cooled).

When the perk triggers, it prompts the following message with X replaced by the reduction: Your Lucky perk reduces the damage of this attack by X.

Lucky comes in 5 ranks, with the damage nullification chance shown below:

Activation chance
Rank Chance
1 0.5%
2 1.0%
3 1.5%
4 2.0%
5 2.5%

Given a monster's minimum H_{min} and maximum hits H_{max}, and the rank of lucky R, the average damage reduction of the perk over N hits can be calculated approximately as:

0.005NR \times \max\left( \left( \frac{H_{min}+H_{max}}{2} - 1 \right),0 \right)


MaterialRarityPerk ranks with X materials
Silent components
Silent componentsRare1234–55
Delicate parts
Delicate partsCommon0011–21–2
Light components
Light componentsUncommon01–21–21–31–5
Fortunate components
Fortunate componentsRare11–21–31–51–5

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