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Lotheria chathead

Lotheria Seldorina is a ranger featured in the Vengeance Fremennik saga. She cannot be controlled by the character in the first part of the saga. Throughout the dungeon, she roleplays as an elf. In the second part, she is killed by the player playing as the poisoned warrior. She is combat level 105 when fought, and drops two giant flatfish as well as her ring. She wields a thigat shortbow, and wears a gallileather body and gallileather chaps.


  • Lotheria is the only player spoof in her group whose name does not reference a popular internet meme or abbreviation. Instead, it is a reference to the stereotype of role-players inventing overly flowery names for themselves.
  • When she was stabbed to death by The Forgotten Warrior, she falls face down, but when the scene ends, her body is seen facing up. This is probably done for dramatic effect, but could also be a mistake on the part of the artists.
  • It is impossible for her name to be a player character's name, as the limit for usernames is 12 characters. Lotheria Seldorina has a total of 18 characters.

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