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Lord marshal clothing (trousers) equipped

A player wearing a full set of Lord marshal with trousers.

Lord marshal clothing (skirt) equipped

A player wearing a full set of Lord marshal with a skirt.

Lord marshal clothing is obtained from the Mobilising armies minigame by spending reward points. They are fully cosmetic, and therefore give no stat bonuses. They can be purchased from Lord Marshal Brogan, found on the second floor of the Officer Tower.

The Lord marshal set is highly praised and rare among players as only around 16,000 players have reached the rank required to wear it. [1] There is a limit of 12 ranks gained per hour, so it would take at least 25 hours of straight game play to receive the required rank. The total set costs 802,900 reward points (assuming only one of either the trousers or the skirt is bought). Players can store the full set in the Magic wardrobe of their Costume room.

They require a rank of 300+ to be purchased.

Image Item Cost in points
Lord marshal cap Lord marshal cap 144,100
Lord marshal top Lord marshal top 185,300
Lord marshal trousers Lord marshal trousers 185,300
Lord marshal skirt Lord marshal skirt 185,300
Lord marshal boots Lord marshal boots 144,100
Lord marshal gloves Lord marshal gloves 144,100
Total: 988,200

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