Lord Rologarth
Lord Rologarth
Release date 31 January 2005 (Update)
Also known as Fenkenstrain's Monster
Race Undead
Members Yes
Quest NPC Creature of Fenkenstrain
Location Fenkenstrain's Castle
Sells items No
Gender Male
Examine A hideous mix of human flesh.
It looks like he has got his castle back at last.
Lord Rologarth chathead
Lord Rologarth (ghost) chathead

Lord Rologarth, 15th Lord of the North Coast, is the real owner of Fenkenstrain's Castle in northern Morytania. He was murdered long ago by Dr. Fenkenstrain and his body, amongst several other killed inhabitants of the Castle, were sold to the Hair of the Dog Inn in Canifis as meat. His brains were saved by being pickled and offered for sale at the same pub, where the player would later buy them to be put into a new body during the Creature of Fenkenstrain quest. After the quest he inhabits the castle once again, this time as a reanimated monster, while Dr. Fenkenstrain locked himself in the highest tower in terror of the werewolves coming for him. Lord Rologarth has a brother named Rologarric, to whom he sent a letter. In this letter, some light is shed upon how his servants were one by one fed to the Vampyres due to Dr. Fenkenstrain's manipulative advice.

When the player tries to return the Ring of charos to him, he'll refuse, simply stating that he does not need it anymore since he is a dead corpse, and werewolves are only interested in fresh flesh.

An illusion encountered in the Sacred Forge during Defender of Varrock takes on the shape of Lord Rologarth, telling the player about the Shield of Arrav, and warning him/her that Zemouregal has begun attacking.


  • Lord Rologarth is based on the monster in the 1818 gothic/horror novel Frankenstein by Mary Shelley.
Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Lord Rolomere Lord of the North Coast Incumbent

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