Not to be confused with Milton the Miller.

Lord Milton was a Lord of the Kinshra with the second shortest known reign in history, first featured in the first RuneScape novel, Betrayal at Falador, though he is unnamed in the novel. He succeeded Lord Shadwell in 163 of the Fifth Age, after his death during the Edgeville Incident.

Shortly after the incident, Sir Amik Varze of the White Knights, who had become steward of Falador due to King Vallance's illness, declared that the Kinshra are to no longer have any political power in Asgarnia. Milton responded by declaring war on Falador, to which his Commander Daquarius proceeded to attack the White Knights, although the battle ended in a tie. Afterwards, it seems Milton attempted to use diplomacy to restore the Kinshra's power, and he was regarded as a weak leader as such.

Because he was unable to make any progress in furthering the Kinshra's movements in Asgarnia, he was extremely unpopular amongst the order. In 164, he was assassinated by Commander Sulla, who first poisoned him and then forced the slave to whom he was engaged to stab him to death. His death would herald the Lordship of Sulla and the War of 164. Milton's was the shortest known reign in Kinshra history, lasting approximately a year, until Sulla was removed from power in Wintumber that same year.


  • Milton's name may be a reference to the seventeenth-century-poet John Milton, for he succeeded Lord Shadwell, who shares name with a contemporary poet named Thomas Shadwell.
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