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Drakan Portrait

A painted portrait of Lord Drakan's immediate family,[1] (from left to right) Ranis and Vanescula; Lord Drakan himself is not present, although the moon is believed to bear his visage.

Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan (pronounced /ləʊɜːniːl vɜːɡɪdɪjəd drəkʰaːn/) is the vampyric overlord and conqueror of the majority of the Morytania region. Drakan has adopted many titles to assert his authority, amongst them Prince of the Blood and Regent of the Sanguine Fields.[2] He has also been referred to as His-Dark-Self and The Dark Lord. Drakan has, since the Second Age, been a force of strong opposition to the majority of Gielinor's racial and religious factions, allying himself with powerful entities including Zaros and Zamorak.

Lord Drakan's age is unknown, but the first accounts of his existence date back to the early Second Age, making him at least 8,000 years old. The enigmatic nature of the vampyric race leaves his origins in question, but it is known that he was brought to Gielinor from the realm of Vampyrium by Zaros, the god of control. The exact details of this realm are a mystery, however.

After arriving, Drakan allied himself with the deity Zaros, who owned a large amount of land encompassing the majority of the eastern Gielinorian mainland. Although he likely served Zaros for more than a thousand years, Drakan aided the Mahjarrat Zamorak in his banishment from Gielinor, leading to Zamorak's ascension to godhood. Soon afterwards, Drakan commenced an invasion of the eastern nation of Hallowvale during the Third Age. While the exact motives for this are unknown, it is known that, in exchange for his assistance in the rebellion, Zamorak had permitted the vampyre to do so.[3]

Drakan conquered Hallowvale and renamed the region Morytania, transforming its capital into a blood-farming ghetto. Drakan's reign has been marred by violence, including, amongst countless others, the Fall of Hallowvale, the Misthalin - Morytania War, the Morytania Campaign,[4] the War of 164[5], and the Sanguinesti Liberation War. Today he continues to struggle with Saradominists both in neighbouring regions and within Morytania's own borders, most notable of which are The Myreque. He has developed a particularly strong vendetta against Varrock, the capital of Misthalin. Despite his immense importance to both ancient and modern history, Drakan has managed to remain unseen by the public eye during much of his reign, and has thus far never been seen in-game.



Drakan's family encompasses the whole of House Drakan. Since establishing Morytania, Drakan has made his family name an inherent title to rulership of the nation, spawning at times a limited version of feudalism. Given the size of House Drakan, Drakan seems to have, or has had, a sizeable direct family, further supporting the idea that he came to Gielinor with the rest of his race. However, what exactly entails a blood relationship between vampyres might be more complicated than for other races. Only a handful of Drakan's relatives have been named, although many more likely exist.

Drakan's only known siblings are Count Victor Draynor Drakan, Ranis Drakan, and Vanescula Drakan. Count Draynor enjoyed relative prosperity in Morytania until the Misthalin-Morytania War. During a skirmish in Silvarea, Draynor was separated from the main body of the Morytanian military and was denied re-entry by Lowerniel Drakan, leaving him no choice but to hide with his aid, Ruantun, in Misthalin. Drakan allegedly cast Draynor out "for his cowardice", but further details have never surfaced[6]Count Draynor eventually became very weak and lost most of his powers as a result of leaving Morytania.

In The Branches of Darkmeyer quest, Ranis is killed by his sister Vanescula, leaving Lowerniel and Vanescula as the only remaining Drakan siblings by the end of the quest.

In the Return to Canifis novel, it is revealed that vampirism is never passed on through breeding. Thus, the members of Lord Drakan's house were most likely converted sometime after his family entered Gielinor. However, in Legacy of Blood, it is also revealed that very powerful vampyres spread it, making it entirely possible that the Drakan siblings are actually related.

Another prominent member of the house of Drakan, introduced in Return to Canifis and featured in Legacy of Blood, is The Black Prince, a vampyre lord once human and true heir to the throne of Misthalin. He seems to have some form of rivalry with Vanescula Drakan.

Other, more distant members of Drakan's family include Malak, Dessous, and likely Solomon Lamescus and Vanstrom Klause. Their exact relationship remains unknown.


  • Lord Drakan, like most vampires depicted in modern culture, displays many similarities to the fictional vampire Count Dracula, the antagonist in the 1897 gothic horror novel Dracula. Apart from their similar behaviour and physical traits, their names' beginning syllables, "Drak" and "Drac", are phonetically identical.
  • According to the Cryptic Clue Fest IV of the Diamond Jubilee, Drakan has hidden himself from public view due to him enjoying Twilight and being unable to face another since. This was only a mere joke, however.

Preceded by Title Succeeded by
Queen Efaritay Ruler of Morytania/Hallowvale Incumbent


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