This article is about the rare drop visual indicator. For other uses, see Loot beam (disambiguation).
Golden loot beam 1

A Loot beam is a visual indicator that highlights valuable and various other rare drops. The beam will shine until the item is picked up or until it disappears. If multiple items drop with each other to set off a loot beam, the displayed loot beam size will correspond to the highest-valued item within the dropped item stack.


By default, every player is granted a golden loot beam; a simple beam of golden light that radiates vertically from the received drop. However, players are not limited to one loot beam. Other loot beams can be obtained through game-play. Other than their appearance, the different loot beams have the same effects as the default version and do not affect drops in any way.

Beam Message
Default A golden beam shines over one of your items.
Rainbow A rainbow shines over one of your items.
Grave A gravestone falls over one of your items.
Christmas A festive beam shines over one of your items.
Beach A sandcastle scene shines over one of your items.
Water A water spout sprays over one of your items.
Loved up Hearts twirl over one of your items.

To change to the desired loot beam, players can go to Settings, Gameplay tab, Loot Settings, and then Loot Beam Options. Here players can also choose the "Rotate" option to cycle through all acquired loot beams.


Drops with a Grand Exchange value (total value of given drops, not counting 100%-chance drops) of 1,000–1,000,000 coins or more may be given a loot beam. A player may select the minimum Grand Exchange value of an item at which a loot beam is deployed, within the aforementioned threshold, by going to Loot Beam Options under Loot Settings under Gameplay. If the player does not select a minimum value, it will default to 1,000,000 until changed.

When a loot beam is triggered, the magnitude and visual complexity of the loot beam is adjusted based on the Grand Exchange value (or rarity) of the item received by the player; beginning at Tier 1 (a small - but noticeable - beam) and extending to Tier 4 (a grandiose and substantially-sized beam). Below is a list of example items that you may expect each tier of loot beam to be triggered at:

Tier 1Edit

Tier 2Edit

Tier 3Edit

Tier 4Edit

  • Items valued over 100,000,000
  • Dungeoneering keys

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