LootScape is a reward system for players that watch official RuneScape livestreams, which are streamed on Twitch. The first stream that used the system was on 3 October 2017. It is not used during Old School RuneScape livestreams.

To receive a reward, players are required to watch a "LootScape-enabled" livestream with their RuneScape account linked to Twitch for at least one minute. LootScape-enabled streams are indicated during the stream and usually within the stream's title. Rewards are given in a semi-automatic way; Jagex are required to initiate the roll out of the rewards at the end of the stream to everyone that has watched the stream at any point, which can take up to 24 hours.[1]

A prerequisite for receiving rewards is for players to link their RuneScape account to Twitch, which can be done through the official website.


There are a few different rewards that can be obtained through LootScape, which includes a unique pet.

Twitching orbEdit

Twitching orb pet
Main article: Twitching orb

The Twitching orb is a pet that is received from watching a LootScape stream for the first time. When a player has the pet summoned, it can be examined to display how many LootScape-enabled streams that player has watched. The pet can be overridden.

Twitch loot crateEdit

Twitch loot crate detail
Main article: Twitch loot crate

For every LootScape-enabled stream watched, players will receive a Twitch loot crate. These loot crates contain various rewards, including cash bags, dungeoneering token boxes and bonus experience stars. The Warborn behemoth can also be received as a very rare reward inside the crates.

Cheer Hunter OutfitEdit

Main article: Cheer Hunter

The cheer hunter outfit is only obtainable as a rare drop from a Twitch loot crate. During a stream on 19 December 2017, it was given out as a guarantee from the crate.

Loots CapeEdit

Main article: Loots Cape

The loots cape is obtainable as a drop from a Twitch loot crate. The cape was given out as a guarantee from streams on 28 January 2018, 30 January 2018, and 4 February 2018.

Deep-Sea FishingEdit

Main article: Deep-Sea Fishing

Deep-Sea Fishing was obtainable as a guaranteed drop from a Twitch loot crate during the month of February 2018.

GameBlast 2018 TunicEdit

Main article: GameBlast 2018 Tunic

The GameBlast 2018 Tunic was obtainable as a guaranteed reward by watching the GameBlast stream on 23 February 2018.

Sealed clue scrollEdit

Sealed clue scroll (medium) detail
Main article: Sealed clue scroll

Sealed clue scrolls are obtainable as a guaranteed additional reward from a Twitch loot crate throughout the month of March 2018. The tier of clue scroll granted is dependent on the player's total level, as shown in the table below.

Total level Clue scroll
0 - 999 Sealed clue scroll (easy) Sealed clue scroll (easy)
1000 - 1499 Sealed clue scroll (medium) Sealed clue scroll (medium)
1500 - 1999 Sealed clue scroll (hard) Sealed clue scroll (hard)
2000+ Sealed clue scroll (elite) Sealed clue scroll (elite)
Sealed clue scroll (master) Sealed clue scroll (master)



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