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"Loop" redirects here. For the region within the Wushanko isles see The Loop.
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Loop half of a key detail

The Loop half of a key is an item dropped by numerous NPCs. It is also a reward from various random events, and can be found in the chest in Taverley, the Barrows chest, the gnome restaurant, an evil tree reward, from cremating Vyrewatch, from Kingdom Management and from caskets. The loop half of key may be looted from magpie implings as well as its other half, the tooth half of a key.

The loop half of a key is used with a tooth half of a key to make a crystal key. Doing so will grant you 10 Crafting experience. This is used to unlock the Crystal chest, which contains a dragonstone, and other items.

Before the introduction of the Grand Exchange, both halves of the crystal key sold for the same price, at around 20,000-30,000 coins each. However, with the Grand Exchange, the tooth half of the key was perceived to be rarer than the loop half, and it became more expensive.

The Loop half of a key is confirmed to be on the rare drop table, so a large number of monsters can drop it (a list can be found on the rare drop table article).

After the release of Dragonstone armour, the price of the crystal key skyrocketed due to the high price of the armour.


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Trivia Edit

  • When confirming the Loop half of a key from a random event box, it says, "Confirm: Gems" instead something similar (such as a key).
  • The loop looks extremely similar to an ankh in Egyptian culture, the symbol of life.

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