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Bronze longswordIron longswordSteel longswordBlack longswordWhite longswordMithril longswordAdamant longswordRune longswordDragon longsword
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This article is about longswords. For the article about short swords, see Shortsword.

Longswords are medium speed slashing weapons, with a higher damage bonus than the scimitar. Longswords, like all slashing weapons, are good against cloth and leather armour, many consider them better than two-handed swords because you can equip a shield with it and it attacks faster.

Longswords vs. Scimitars

While Longswords offer higher damage bonuses, they are one tick slower than scimitars. There is a 3 second delay between blows with a Longsword, whereas with a Scimitar, the delay is only 2.4 seconds. This equates to 20 attacks per minute with a Longsword as compared to 25 attacks per minute with a Scimitar. The extra 5 blows per minute usually outweigh any damage or accuracy boost a longsword will give. However, the extra five hits, due to the lower damage bonus of a scimitar, may be 0s or low hits, as opposed to more accurate or stronger hits with a longsword. Conducting accurate tests to compare the two weapon types, although attempted, have never brought about conclusive evidence of superiority due to the many factors that must be accounted for, such as enemy defense and Attack level. For the most part, it's merely personal preference as to which is a better weapon. However, there are factors to consider in choosing which weapon to use. Those who want attack speed over power should choose a scimitar. Those who want power over speed should choose a longsword.

Grand Exchange prices
Metal Price
Bronze longsword Bronze 108 coins
Iron longsword Iron 31 coins
Steel longsword Steel 101 coins
Black longsword Black 216 coins
White longsword White 4,422 coins
Mithril longsword Mithril 382 coins
Adamant longsword Adamant 1,407 coins
Rune longsword Rune 18,401 coins
Dragon longsword Dragon 58,250 coins

Special longswords

Dungeoneering longswords

These longswords could only be obtained and used during Dungeoneering.


  • Before the graphical update, the longsword was more round, much like today's shortsword.
  • A few days before the new longsword look came out, the black knights' swords had changed to the current graphics before it was introduced, Jagex never noticed this error.
  • The rune longsword was held upright like a dragon longsword, unlike the rest. This, however, has been changed and the rune Longsword is now held like all other longswords.
  • Ice Warriors use the old version of the longsword, this may be an oversight by Jagex.
  • The dragon longsword is the only longsword that appears to have a curved point at the tip of the sword.
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