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Lola Wut chathead

Lola Wut is a warrior featured in the Vengeance Fremennik saga. In the second part of the saga, she is killed by the player playing as The Forgotten Warrior. She is combat level 98 when fought, and drops two giant flatfish as well as her ring of kinship and Taevas's engagement ring. She attacks with melee and wields a Flameburst defender and a Gorgonite dagger while wearing a Katagon chainbody and Katagon platelegs.


  • Before the EoC, Lola Wut had a combat level of 82 in the starting room, but was combat level 74 when killed by the player.
  • "Lola Wut" is derived from the meme: "Lolwut?", often used as a reply to comments that are hard to comprehend or do not make sense. She fulfils the part her name sets out for her by claiming that the Forgotten Warrior is not making any sense, and that she is insane.

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