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Log-splitting scrimshaw detail

The Log-splitting scrimshaw is an item that can be made with the Fletching skill at level 85 once all four scroll fragments of Log Splitting have been retrieved from the Player-owned port.

The scrimshaw requires level 70 Woodcutting to use. When active it gives a 15% chance of destroying a log as it is cut, granting additional Woodcutting experience equivalent to a proportion of the experience gained when Woodcutting a log normally along with the chat message: "Your log-splitting scrimshaw destroys the log and converts it into additional Woodcutting xp.". Depending on your Woodcutting level, you could expect about a 5-10K xp/hr increase if cutting Arctic Pines.

The inferno adze also has a chance to destroy a log but grants full woodcutting and firemaking experience instead. Crystallise spell does not work with Log-Splitting scrimshaw.

Tree XP from cutting logs XP cutting logs with scrimshaw Extra XP given by scrimshaw
Regular tree 25 30 5
Oak 38 47 9
Willow 67 88 21
Teak 85 115 30
Mahogany 125 175 50
Arctic pine 140 200 60
Yew 175 255 80
Magic 250 375 125
Elder 325 505 180

Equipment BonusesEdit

Combat Stats
70 Woodcutting-iconNone
NonePocket slotDefence-iconArmour0
Constitution-iconLife points0
Damage--Damage reduction
Accuracy--PvM: 0%PvP: 0%
Style-Style bonuses
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