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This article is about the transport system. For the boss in Daemonheim that must be defeated through lodestones, see Stomp (monster).
For the teleportation method in Daemonheim, see Gatestone.
Lodestone map icon

The Lodestone Network is a teleportation system that permits travel to various locations across Gielinor via the Home Teleport spell. After selecting Home Teleport, an interface will pop up, allowing you to choose where to teleport. Lodestones can be found as symbols on the minimap and on the world map, making locating them easy. Apart from Lumbridge, an ancient lodestone in the area must be activated in order to unlock travel to new locations.

A new player can only teleport to Lumbridge by default, and must complete all the tutorial introductory tasks before unlocking new lodestone locations. Note that for free players, the only locations available are Lumbridge, Al Kharid, Draynor Village, Ashdale, Edgeville, Falador, Port Sarim, Varrock, Burthorpe, the Wilderness and Taverley – the members-only locations are greyed out in the background.

Related to unlocking the lodestones are the Lodestone Network Tasks which were released on 13 March 2012 alongside the Lodestone Network update. They consist of unlocking each lodestone with the exception of the lodestones in Burthorpe, Bandit Camp, Lumbridge, and Lunar Isle. The tasks do not yield further rewards, apart from unlocking the lodestones.

The lodestones were built by the second Wizards' Tower wizards after the discovery of teleportational spells. The lodestone network's introduction – and proximity to key locations and other alternative transport networks – has largely reduced the need for teleportation spells across all three spellbooks, as well as the use of Portal Chambers in a Player-owned house.

In proximity of the lodestonesEdit

  • The lodestone closest to a bank is Prifddinas, but requires completion of Plague's End.
  • The closest lodestone to a bank for free-to-play players is Burthorpe. It is also the second closest lodestone to a bank for members.
  • The Edgeville lodestone gives access to the Grand Exchange for members with 21 Agility via a shortcut at the northwest wall of the Grand Exchange, providing quicker access than the Varrock lodestone. The Varrock Teleport spell remains the fastest option when available.
  • The Yanille lodestone is the closest to the Fairy Ring network.
    • The Edgeville lodestone, however, is the closest to both a bank and a Fairy Ring.
  • The Al Kharid lodestone is closest to the Gnome Glider network.
  • The Port Sarim lodestone is closest to a Charter ship port.
Stat Restore Objects
  • The Falador lodestone is closest to both an Altar and a small obelisk to restore both your Prayer and Summoning points.
    • If you have access to and have completed the Canifis God Statue, the Canifis lodestone is the closest to an "altar" to restore your Prayer points.
  • The Taverley lodestone is closest to a POH portal (with level 10 Construction). It also has convenient access to the Plank maker and the bank.
    • While the Yanille lodestone is also quite close, it requires level 50 Construction to locate your home there, has no possibility of converting logs to planks and it takes more time to reach a bank.
  • The Wilderness volcano lodestone is in the Wilderness, and is thus dangerous. You will be given a warning (this warning can be turned off) before teleporting and you will be asked to confirm if you really wish to go there.
  • Players below combat level 15 should take care when using the Edgeville lodestone, as there is an aggressive mugger within range of the arrival location.
  • When the Hati winter event is active, players should be wary of using the Fremennik lodestone, as it is close to one of Hati's spawn points.

Note that compared to spellbook teleports, most of the lodestones in the lodestone network are situated far away from major points of interest. This compensates for the free nature of the teleport; not requiring runes.

Quick teleportsEdit

A player has the ability to use vis wax to charge their quick-teleports in the Lodestone Network, allowing for instant teleports. Each vis wax yields 10 charges by which 1 charge is consumed each teleport. A player may store a maximum of 4,000 charges. It costs 604.2 coins per quick-teleport. Instant lodestone teleports was an idea suggested on RuneLabs.

After completing the hard Wilderness Tasks teleporting to the Wilderness Lodestone is always instant and free of charge.


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Map Icon Name Location Keyboard shortcut Members only Quick teleport Magic-icon level Image Minimap
Lumbridge lodestone icon
Lumbridge East of Lumbridge Castle. L No 10 Lumbridge Castle lodestone Lumbridge lodestone minimap
Burthorpe lodestone icon
Burthorpe Centre of Burthorpe, east of Warriors' Guild. B No 5 Burthorpe lodestone location Burthorpe lodestone minimap
Lunar Isle lodestone icon
Lunar Isle South-west of the bank (if Lunar Diplomacy is completed). ALT+L Yes 75 Lunar Isle lodestone location Lunar Isle lodestone minimap
Bandit Camp lodestone icon
Bandit Camp South-east of the Camp, surrounded by mystical mirrors (if Desert Treasure is completed). ALT+B Yes 80 Bandit Camp lodestone location Bandit Camp lodestone minimap
Taverley lodestone icon
Taverley South of POH Portal. T No 10 Taverley lodestone location Taverley lodestone minimap
Al Kharid lodestone icon
Al Kharid North of Al Kharid Palace. A No 15 Al-Kharid lodestone location Al-Kharid lodestone minimap
Varrock lodestone icon
Varrock South gate. V No 15 Varrock lodestone location Varrock lodestone minimap
Edgeville lodestone icon
Edgeville West of the General Store. E No 40 Edgeville lodestone location Edgeville lodestone minimap
Falador lodestone icon
Falador Outside north gate. F No 35 Falador lodestone location Falador lodestone minimap
Port Sarim lodestone icon
Port Sarim South of Gerrant's Fishy Business. P No 25 Port Sarim lodestone location Port Sarim lodestone minimap
Draynor lodestone icon
Draynor Village At the Crossroads, north of Draynor. D No 20 Draynor Village lodestone location Draynor Village lodestone minimap
Ardougne lodestone icon
Ardougne North entrance (between potato and wheat patch). ALT+A Yes 60 Ardougne lodestone location Ardougne lodestone minimap
Catherby lodestone icon
Catherby North of fishing shop. C Yes 30 Catherby lodestone location Catherby lodestone minimap
Yanille lodestone icon
Yanille Outside the west gate. Y Yes 65 Yanille lodestone location Yanille lodestone minimap
Seers village lodestone icon
Seers' Village South of the Forester's Arms  pub. S Yes 55 Seer's Village lodestone location Seer's Village lodestone minimap
Eagles' Peak lodestone icon
Eagles' Peak West of the Tree Gnome Stronghold, near Kathy Corkat. ALT+E Yes 45 Eagles' Peak lodestone location Eagles' Peak lodestone map
Tirannwn lodestone icon
Tirannwn In the clearing with the Elf Tracker. ALT+T Yes 75 Tirannwn lodestone location Tirannwn lodestone map
Oo'glog lodestone icon
Oo'glog Outside the north wall of the city, near the Monastery of Ascension. O Yes 65 Oo'glog lodestone location Oo'glog lodestone map
Karamja lodestone icon
Karamja Southwest of Brimhaven, near the Brimhaven Dungeon. K Yes 50 Karamja lodestone location Karamja lodestone map
Canifis lodestone icon
Canifis Next to Mazchna. ALT+C Yes 50 Canifis lodestone location Canifis lodestone map
Wilderness Volcano lodestone icon
Wilderness Volcano South of the volcano, near one of the Wilderness obelisks, in level 15

Warning: This is a known hotspot for player killers. You will be asked if you wish to proceed before teleporting to this location.

W No 85 Wilderness Volcano lodestone location Wilderness Volcano lodestone map
Fremennik Province lodestone icon
Fremennik Province East of Rellekka. ALT+F Yes 70 Fremennik Province lodestone location Fremennik Province lodestone map
Ashdale lodestone icon
Ashdale Southeast of Ashdale Caves SHIFT+A No 5 Ashdale lodestone location Ashdale lodestone map
Prifddinas lodestone icon
Prifddinas The Tower of Voices (after completion of Plague's End) ALT+P Yes 90 Prifddinas lodestone location Prifddinas lodestone map
Teleport to J-Mod lodestone icon
JMod event lodestone Varies N/A No N/A N/A N/A
Tuska lodestone icon
Tuska[1] Tuska's back T[2] No N/A Tuska lodestone location Tuska lodestone map
  1. ^ This lodestone is only available during the third World Event, Tuska Comes.
  2. ^ This hotkey is only available when the lodestone network map is zoomed onto Tuska.


Main article: /Gallery


  • Only 15 lodestones were available at first, but 7 more (Canifis, Eagles' Peak, Fremennik Province, Karamja, Oo'glog, Tirannwn, Wilderness Volcano) were added on 24 June 2013. The Ashdale lodestone was added on 12 May 2014 and the Prifddinas lodestone was added on 22 September 2014 making a total of 24.
  • Each lodestone is detailed with the city crest of the city it's located in. The Home Teleport interface shows these seals as well.
  • Even though the update page said that Edgeville was unlocked by default for players who've completed Desert Treasure, it was actually the desert Bandit Camp that was unlocked.
  • On the Home Teleport interface, the Port Sarim crest is rectangular, however, on the lodestone it is a shield.
  • A lodestone in real life is a natural magnet, generally naturally magnetised iron ore. The lodestones may be called what they are because, like a compass, they help you navigate around the world, or more likely they were associated with the power to attract other objects, before the discovery of magnetism. They were also considered to be strongly linked with magic as a source of power.
  • If taking a drink of water in the desert after selecting the lodestone you wish to teleport to, the animation will have you standing up. The same thing occurs when taking poison damage.
  • Before the lodestone network, home teleport could only bring you to Lumbridge (you could choose Burthorpe as well if you are member), Edgeville or Lunar Isle, depending on the spellbook used.
  • You cannot use a Lodestone teleport from the Fishing Trawler minigame. Also, you cannot teleport when you have not jumped down from the area you stand immediately after completing/leaving a dungeoneering party.
  • During the 2013 Christmas event Up to Snow Good, the Lumbridge Lodestone was made invisible because of the snow that covered Lumbridge. This also allowed the area where the lodestone was located to be walked over instead of around.
  • On 17 February 2014 the Lodestone Network interface was updated. On free to play worlds members only parts of the map were greyed out and lodestone icons replaced with the membership sigil, clicking on which triggers the subscription form. All teleport locations received a description when a player hovers over an icon.
  • Upon clicking the "Info" option of a J-Mod placed lodestone, it states: This lodestone has been placed by a J-Mod. This means there is an event going on near by. Look out for it.
  • Teleporting to a lodestone via Circus barkers always uses the slow teleport, regardless of the quick teleport setting.

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