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Locust meat detail

Locust meat is dropped by Locusts in the city of Sophanem. It heals up to 200 life points. Locust meat does not have to be cooked, and can be eaten right after killing a Locust.

This can possibly be used as quick food for Pyramid Plunder. Having high combat skills to quickly kill these may make them a complete replacement for food, but since they heal less than the poison damage received it is still recommended to take antipoison.

Eating it yields the message "Juices spurt into your mouth as you chew. It's tastier than it looks." in the chat box.

Note: Players have been known to scam with this item by asking other players to buy it at high prices claiming that they have reached their GE trade limit.

Drop sourcesEdit

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Source Combat level Quantity Rarity
Locust ranger771Unknown


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