The locator is a useful device for players to teleport to random resource locations without walking. Players may buy locators from the minigame, Mobilising Armies. To obtain better locators, they must obtain higher ranks and pay more credits. Below is a list of locators, the rank needed to obtain them, and where they teleport you to.

Locator Image Rank needed Reward credits needed Teleport locations
Inferior locator Inferior locator None 24,700 Tin, Copper and Iron ores, Shrimp, Oak and Willow logs, and basic Herblore secondaries.
Poor locator Poor locator 100+ 44,800 In addition to Inferior locator locations: Clay and Silver ores, Lobsters, Maple, Teak, Eucalyptus and Achey logs.
Good locator Good locator 200+ 70,600 In addition to Poor locator locations: Gold and Mithril ores, Yew trees, and Secondary Herblore ingredients.
Superior locator Superior locator 300+ 102,900 In addition to Good locator locations: Adamant and Rune ores, Magic trees