Gielinor Region Map

A map of Gielinor's regions

Locations are places that players may visit, such as cities and towns, but may also refer to places unreachable by players, such as the castle in A Tail of Two Cats.


The regions of RuneScape(F2P) marks a free-to-play location, while all other areas are members' only.

Location Size Kingdom Image
The Abyss Realm Multiverse The Abyss
Al Kharid (F2P) City Kharidian Desert Al Kharid
Aminishi Island The Arc Aminishi
Annakarl (F2P) Location Wilderness Annakarls destruction
Ape Atoll Island Ape Atoll Ape Atoll
Ardougne (East and West) City, Capital Kandarin East ArdougneWest Ardougne
Ashdale (F2P) Island N/A Ashdale
Bandit Camp (F2P) Location Wilderness Bandit Camp
Bandit Camp Location Kharidian Desert Bandit Camp (desert)
Barbarian Outpost Village Fremennik Province Barbarian Outpost
Barrows Location Morytania Barrows entrance
Bloodsplatter Isle Island Unknown Bloodsplatter Isle
Bonde Farm (F2P) Location Wilderness Ruins HD 4
Bone Yard (F2P) Location Wilderness Bone Yard current
Botany Bay (F2P) Location Unknown, North of Morytania Botany Bay
Braindeath Island Island Pirate isles 'Rum' factory
Burgh de Rott Village Morytania Burgh de Rott
Burthorpe (F2P) City Asgarnia Burthorpe new
Cairn Isle Location Karamja Cairn Isle
Canifis Village Morytania Canifis
Carrallangar (F2P) Location Wilderness Graveyard of Shadows
Castle Drakan Location Morytania Castle Drakan2
Catherby Village Kandarin Catherby
Cosmic Plane Realm N/A TheCosmicPlane
Crash Island Island Unknown Crash island
Crandor (F2P) Island Karamja Crandor
Cyclosis Island The Arc Cyclosis
Daemonheim (F2P) City Fremennik Province Daemonheim entrance
Dareeyak (F2P) Location Wilderness Wilderness Ruins
Dark Warriors' Fortress (F2P) Location Wilderness Dark Warriors' Fortress
Darkmeyer City, Capital Morytania Darkmeyer NXT
Death Plateau Village Troll Country Deathplateau
Dorgesh-Kaan City Misthalin Dorgesh-Kaan
Digsite (F2P) Location Misthalin Digsite View
Dragontooth Island Island Unknown Dragontooth Island
Draynor Village (F2P) Village Misthalin NewDraynor
Dream World Realm N/A Dreamlannd
Dwarven Mine (F2P) Village Asgarnia Dwarven Mine south
Eagle's Peak Location Kandarin Eagles Peak Mountain
Eastbridge Location Unknown N/A
Edgeville (F2P) Village Misthalin Edgeville
Elf Camp Location Tirannwn Elf Camp
Enchanted Valley Realm N/A Enchanted valley
Entrana Island Asgarnia Entrana
Falador (F2P) City, Capital Asgarnia Falador
Fisher Realm Realm Realm of the Fisher King Grail Castle ruinedFisher King Realm
Fishing Platform Island Kandarin Fishing platform
Fremennik spiritual realm Realm Fremennik Province Fremennik spiritual realm
Freneskae Realm Freneskae Freneskae
Ghorrock Location Troll Country Ghorrock entrance
Glacor Cave Location Troll Country Glacor Cave
Goblin Village (F2P) Village Asgarnia Goblin Village
God Wars Dungeon Location Troll Country God Wars Dungeon
Gorak Plane Realm N/A Gorak's Plane
Goshima Island The Arc Goshima
Grim Underworld Realm N/A River Noumenon
Gunnarsgrunn (F2P) Village Misthalin Barbarian Village
Gu'Tanoth Village, Capital Feldip Hills Gu'tanoth
Harmony Island Island Morytania Harmony island
Haunted Woods Location Morytania Haunted woods2
Heart of Gielinor Location Kharidian Desert Heart of Gielinor
Hemenster Village Kandarin Hemenster 2
Iceberg Island Acheron Iceberg
Ice Path Location Troll Country Ice Gate
Infernal Dimensions Realm Infernus Shadow of the storm portal
Isafdar Location Tirannwn Elvenscapeisafdar
The Islands That Once Were Turtles Island The Arc The Islands That Once Were Turtles
Jatizso Village Fremennik Isles Jatizso town
Jiggig Village Feldip Hills Jiggig
Kanatah Village Mazcab Kanatah
Keldagrim City Troll Country Keldagrim East
Kethsi Realm Multiverse Kethsi statue broken arm
Killerwatt Plane Realm N/A Killerwatt Plane
Kharazi Jungle Location Karamja Kharazi Jungle
Kharyrll Location Morytania Canifis
Land of Snow (F2P) Realm Land of Snow LandOfSnow2008
Lassar (F2P) Location Asgarnia Icemountain
Lava Maze (F2P) Location Wilderness Lava Maze
Lighthouse Location Fremennik Province Lighthouse View
Lletya Village Tirannwn Lletya
Lumbridge (F2P) City Misthalin Lumbridge
Lunar Isle Island Lunar Isle Lunar Isle
Mage Arena Location Wilderness Mage Arena
Meiyerditch City Morytania Meiyerditch4
Menaphos City, Capital Kharidian Desert Menaphos Gate
Miscellania and Etceteria Island Fremennik Isles MiscellaniaThe Castle of Etceteria
Mort Myre Swamp Location Morytania Mort Myre Swamp
Mort'ton Village Morytania Centre of Mor'ton
Mos Le'Harmless Island Eastern Sea Mos le'harmless
Mountain Camp Location Fremennik Province Mountain Camp
Mudskipper Point (F2P) Location Asgarnia Mudskipper Point
Musa Point (F2P) Village Karamja Musa Point
Naragun Realm N/A Naragi plane
Nardah Village Kharidian Desert Nardah
Neitiznot Village Fremennik Isles Neitiznot scenery
Otot City Mazcab Otot
Oo'glog Village Feldip Hills Oo'glog
Paddewwa (F2P) Location Misthalin Edgeville trees
Pirates' Cove Island Northern Sea Pirate's cove
Pirates' Hideout Location Wilderness Pirates' Hideout
Piscatoris Fishing Colony Village Kandarin Piscatoris Fishing Colony
Pollnivneach Village Kharidian Desert Pollnivneach
Port Khazard Village Kandarin Port Khazard
Port Phasmatys Village Morytania Port Phasmatys
Port Sarim (F2P) Village Asgarnia Port Sarim
Prifddinas City, Capital Tirannwn Prifddinas
Primordial Realm Realm Multiverse Stealing Creation game arena
Puro-Puro Realm N/A Puro-Puro
Rellekka City, Capital Fremennik Province Rellekka
Rimmington (F2P) Village Asgarnia Rimmington view
Rock Island Prison Islands Southern Sea Rock Island Prison
Rogues' Castle Location Wilderness Rogues' Castle
Rune Essence Mine (F2P) Realm The North Rune essence mine
Saranthium Location Misthalin Digsite View
ScapeRune (F2P) Realm N/A Evil Bob1
Scorpion Pit Location Wilderness Scorpion Pit
Seers' Village Village Kandarin Seer's Village
Senntisten Part Location Misthalin, Asgarnia, Wilderness, Morytania Senntisten Temple
Shilo Village Village, Capital Karamja Shilo village
Ship Yard Location Karamja Ship Yard
Silvarea Village Misthalin Silvarea
Sophanem City Kharidian Desert Sophanem Market
Spider Realm (F2P) Realm N/A Land of the Spiders 1
Spirit Plane Realm N/A Familiarisation gameplay
Spirit Realm Realm Wilderness (Parallel) Wilderness Ruins (west portal)
Tai Bwo Wannai Village Karamja Hardwood grove
Tarddiad Realm Tarddiad Tarddiad
Taverley (F2P) Village Asgarnia Taverley
Tree Gnome Stronghold City Kandarin Tree gnome stronghold gate
Tree Gnome Village Village Kandarin Tree Gnome Village
Troll Stronghold Village Troll Country Troll Stronghold (area)
Trollheim Village, Capital Troll Country Trollheim
Trollweiss Mountain Location Troll Country Trollweiss mountain
Tuai Leit Island The Arc Tuai Leit
Tyras Camp Location Tirannwn TyrasCamp
TzHaar City City Karamja TzHaar City
Ullek Location Kharidian Desert Ullek Swamps 2
Uncharted Isles Island The Arc Uncharted Isles
Uzer Location Kharidian Desert Uzer
Varrock (F2P) City, Capital Misthalin Varrock
The Void Realm Multiverse In the Void in Summer's End
Void Knights' Outpost Island Southern Sea Void Knights' Outpost
Waiko Island The Arc Waiko
Waterbirth Island Island Fremennik Province Waterbirth Island
Wilderness Agility Course Location Wilderness Wildyagilitycourse
Wilderness Volcano (F2P) Location Wilderness Wilderness Volcano entrance
Witchaven Village Kandarin Witchaven
Whale's Maw Island The Arc Whale's Maw
Yanille City Kandarin Yanille
Yu'biusk Realm Multiverse Yu'biusk Ruins
Zanaris Realm Multiverse Updated Zanaris

Unreleased locations Edit

These are locations that have been mentioned but never seen or accessed by the player (an asterisk (*) notes that the location has been confirmed to be revealed)*:

Location Image
Acheron* N/A
Arposandra* Galarpos Mountains vent
Britain N/A
Cursed Archipelago N/A
East Mazcab* N/A
Fossil Island* N/A
Icyene Realm* N/A
Luke's Reef N/A
Motherland* N/A
The Other 50% Reef N/A
Palingrad* N/A
Underwater city* N/A
Vampyrium* Vampyrium
Wushanko Isles* Wushanko Isles map detail