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Local Moderator was removed after an update.
The contents of this page no longer exist in RuneScape, and this article is kept for historical purposes.

Local Moderators (AKA L-Mods), were Jagex partners/employees in certain territories. When they spoke in-game they had a purple crown (Local moderator crown) next to their name, and on the forums they had a purple glow around their posts, as well as a purple avatar background. They helped out new players, setup events and communicated with the player base in-game and on the official RuneScape Forums. The Local Moderator program was discontinued in 2015[1] and there are no plans to have them back.[2]

Becoming a Local Moderator required one to be a part of the Community Management Team working for one of Jagex's official international partners. Most recently, the partners with Local Moderators were Gamerica/UOL for Brazilian Portuguese. Formerly, during the operation of the Latin American Spanish version of the game, Axeso5 was a partner with Local Moderators.

Local Moderator status has also been given to accounts used by representatives of various entities, such as AbleGamers charity.

Local Moderator AbilitiesEdit

  • Local Mods can contact Jagex Mods directly as well as being able to mute players.
  • Local Mods have tools which aid in organising and running in-game events.



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