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Little toy duck detail

A little toy duck is a stackable item that can be found by digging with a Spade in ten certain spots in the Lumbridge Crater during the Summer Beach Party. Finding all ten ducks will give players the title [Name] the Quackers, and finding all ten along while owning Mega ducklings or having Mod Dolan's rubber duck will award the title, [Name] the Totally Quackers.

If a duck is lost after claiming the title, it cannot be dug up again.


# Description Image
1 North-east quarter of the crater, by the grills. 3 steps west from Nigel. Little toy duck 1 location
2 North-east quarter of the crater, by the grills. 2 steps south of the southern most grill. Little toy duck 2 location
3 Eastern side of the crater, near the stage where Reyna is standing. On the pointed rock between the blue rug and chair. Little toy duck 3 location
4 South-eastern part of the crater next to coconut shy. Two steps east from the shy booth, by the curved rock. Little toy duck 4 location
5 South-eastern part of the crater next to the coconut shies. Directly north from the coconut pile. Little toy duck 5 location
6 Southern part of the crater right behind Flo. Directly north of the box with cocktails on it. Little toy duck 6 location
7 South-western side of the crater by the D&D portals. Directly north from the white shells on the ground. Little toy duck 7 location
8 South-Western part of the crater. 1 step directly south-east of Palmer. Little toy duck 8 location
9 Western side of the crater by the bank chest. 3 steps east and 1 step south of Gill. Little toy duck 9 location
10 North-west quarter of the crater, by the sandcastle building area. Directly east from the blue deck chair. Little toy duck 10 location


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