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Lit strange object detail

The lit strange object is a quest item used in the The Fremennik Trials. It is made by using a tinderbox on the strange object, obtained from the council workman. The lit strange object explodes after about 90 seconds in the player's inventory, removing some life points. Interestingly, it does not seem to explode if the player drops it on the ground, though like all objects it disappears after 2 minutes.

The proper use for this item is to be put in the pipe by the Longhall in Rellekka to distract the people inside so the player can switch the normal beer for a low alcohol keg.


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  • Even after the quest you can still get a strange object, also you may get multiple objects as long as you have enough beer.
  • If you have a whole inventory of strange objects, when they explode you cannot go below 50 life points.
  • When it explodes the player automatically screams: "Ow!"