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This article is a list of music tracks by release in reverse chronological order. See Music/track list for a complete list in alphabetical order.


Number Name Content Date Update
1201 NovtumberFest 9 October 2017 Free to Play Content Additions & NovtumberFest
1199-1200 The Lost Grove 25 September 2017 The Lost Grove
1198 The Magister 3 July 2017 The Magister - High-Level Slayer Boss
1164-1197 Menaphos 5 June 2017 Menaphos - The Gates are Open
1156-1163 Shattered Worlds 2 May 2017 Shattered Worlds
1155 Spring Fayre 24 April 2017 Spring Fayre
1154 Dragonstone, onyx, and hydrix dragons 3 April 2017 Gemstone Dragons - Documentary Airs 9th April
1152-1153 Back to the Freezer 27 February 2017 Back to the Freezer - New Penguin Quest
1150-1151 Nex: Angel of Death 30 January 2017 Nex: Angel of Death
1149 Memorial to Guthix 9 January 2017 Memorial to Guthix - Vic the Trader Returns


Number Name Content Date Update
1144-1148 Sliske's Endgame 19 December 2016 Sliske's Endgame - Frostworld Part 2
1140-1143 Children of Mah 21 November 2016 Children of Mah - Nautilus Pack - Thanksgiving
1139 The Empty Throne Room 7 November 2016 The Empty Throne Room - Children of Mah Pre-Release Skilling
1137-1138 2016 Hallowe'en event 24 October 2016 Halloween 2016
1123-1136 The Arc batch 2 10 October 2016 The Arc – Chapter 2
1122 Dagannoth Kings (rework) 19 September 2016 Dagannoth Kings & Wilderness Dungeon Reworks - Double XP Weekend - Invention Fix
1121 Legends' Guild 15 August 2016 The Beach - Daily Treasure Map Rewards - Satyr Outfit
1106-1120 The Arc 25 July 2016 The Arc & Uncharted Isles - Invention XP - Flourishing Fairy Outfit
1105 Telos, the Warden 27 June 2016 Telos – RuneScape's Toughest Boss - Manticore Weapons - Telos Contest
1101-1104 Gower Quest 20 June 2016 Gower Quest - Get Ready For Telos
1096-1100 Kindred Spirits 23 May 2016 New Quest – Kindred Spirits - Void Knights Rework
1093-1095 River of Blood 25 April 2016 New Quest - River of Blood - Vampyre Series Conclusion
1088-1092 Heart of Gielinor 29 March 2016 God Wars Dungeon 2
1087 2016 Easter event 21 March 2016 Sliske & the Chocolate Factory - Chronicle Open Beta Celebration - Rogue Outfits
1083-1086 Tales of the God Wars 7 March 2016 Tales of the God Wars - Preview God Wars Dungeon 2
1076-1082 Nomad's Elegy 15 February 2016 New Quest - Nomad's Elegy - Sliske's Countdown Begins
1074-1075 Invention 25 January 2016 New Skill - Invention


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
1070-1073 Beneath Cursed Tides 14 December 2015 Beneath Cursed Tides Quest - Christmas Quest Pt 3
1069 2015 Christmas event 7 December 2015 Christmas Quest Pt 2 - Master Quest Cape - More Defenders
1068 2015 Christmas event 30 November 2015 Christmas 2015 & New Defenders
1066-1067 2015 Hallowe'en event 27 October 2015 New Auras - Gauntlet of Souls
1064-1065 Call of the Ancestors 12 October 2015 Call of the Ancestors - Novice Quest
1062-1063 Troll Warzone
Fate of the Gods
28 September 2015 Patch Week - Spirit Hunter Outfit
1056–1061 The Lord of Vampyrium
The Branches of Darkmeyer
14 September 2015 The Lord of Vampyrium - Master Quest
1055 The Light Within 24 August 2015 The Light Within Quest - New Spells & Prayers - Additional Action Bars
1050–1054 Raids
Summer Beach Party
13 July 2015 Raids - The Liberation of Mazcab
1043–1049 Hero's Welcome
Summer Beach Party
29 June 2015 Hero's Welcome - Summer Beach Party
1038–1042 World Event 3 1 June 2015 Tuska World Event
1037 Aquarium 20 April 2015 Aquarium – Player-Owned House Update
1036 2015 Easter event 30 March 2015 Easter Eggs-periments – Holiday Mini-Quest
1029–1035 Dimension of Disaster 23 March 2015 Dimension of Disaster – 200th Quest
1027–1028 Dishonour among Thieves 23 February 2015 Dishonour among Thieves


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
1026 Heart of Stone 24 November 2014 Heart of Stone - Elder Gods Quest
1018–1025 Prifddinas 10 November 2014 Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves - Part 2
1017 Death's mansion 20 October 2014 Death's Door - Halloween Event
1005–1016 Prifddinas 22 September 2014 Prifddinas - Lost City of the Elves
1004 Death's office 19 August 2014 Soul Reaper
1001–1003 Plague's End 11 August 2014 Plague's End
1000 Automatic 4 August 2014 Clan Month - The Beginning
996–999 Araxxor, Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede 28 July 2014 Araxxor, Twitch Integration and Lobby Update
994–995 The Mighty Fall 2 June 2014 The Mighty Fall
993 Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza 14 April 2014 Cabbage Facepunch Bonanza
987–992 Fate of the Gods 24 March 2014 Fate of the Gods
986 World Gate 17 March 2014 Mahjarrat Memories, Circus Improvements and More!
984–985 One of a Kind 10 March 2014 One of a Kind


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
983 The Price is Wight Barrows - Rise of the Six 13 November 2013 Barrows - Rise of the Six
977–982 Undying, Empyrean Citadel, Cliffhanger, Dying Light, Faces Obscura, Free Death Missing, Presumed Death 15 October 2013 Missing, Presumed Death
973–976 Chaos Theory, Memories of Keldagrim, Rage of the Red Axe, Red Axe Retribution Birthright of the Dwarves 2 October 2013 Birthright of the Dwarves
966–972 Fighting and Praying, Hidden Evils, Infiltration, Skirmish, Fern, Fighting for Light Part I, Fighting for Light Part II The Death of Chivalry 13 August 2013 The Death of Chivalry
937–965 Baroque II, Battlefield I, Battlefield II, Busy Night, Creation, Fragments of Guthix, Garden Echo, Machines of War, Master of Light, Max Reidneer Variations, Medieval II, Misthalin Mood I, Misthalin Mood II, Misthalin Mood III, Remnants, Saradomin Camp, Saradominists, Scape Bold, Scape Dark, Scape Melancholy, Scape Slow, Second Harmony, The Town, Village Dance, Village Fate, Village Life, Wander Waltz, Waterfall II, Waterfall III, Zamorak Camp RuneScape 3 22 July 2013 RuneScape 3 Now Live
934–936 Always on my Rind, Glutton for Nourishment, Underbelly Bringing Home the Bacon 9 July 2013 Bringing Home the Bacon
933 Vorago Vorago 3 July 2013 Vorago: High-Level Boss Fight
920–932 Bird of Prey, Boulder and Brighter, Chamber of Guthix, Defenders of Guthix I, Defenders of Guthix II, End Song, Guthix's Warning, Invaders Must Die I, Invaders Must Die II, Invaders Must Die III, Memories of Guthix, Temple of Guthix I, Temple of Guthix II The World Wakes 4 March 2013 The World Wakes
918–919 Coleoptera, King of the Desert Kalphite King 14 January 2013 The Kalphite King


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
912–917 Sea Folk, Sea Hear, Sea You Late Oar, Shanty Instrumental, Stick Your Ale In, Stick Your Oar In Player-owned port 11 December 2012 Player-Owned Ports
907–911 Bloody Foundation, Blue Wizards, Forgotten Orders, Inner Secret, The Harmony of the Runes Wizard's Tower 28 November 2012 Ariane Quest Double Bill
881–906 A Song for Khnum, Above the City, Agents of Keli, Breaking In, Darkness in Misthalin, Draynor Market, Dune, Everything in its Right Palace, Evil, Final Showdown, Kharidian Bustle, Oasis, Palace, Palace Above, Quicksand!, Rooftops, Sands of Time, Shantay Pass, Skullery Jam, Stand-off, The Cave, The Chozan One, The Stalker, Violinsanity, While We Sleep, Worlds Al Kharid 26 September 2012 Ozan Quest Double Bill
880 Super Furry Animal Big Chinchompa 28 August 2012 The Big Chinchompa
878–879 Penguin Prison, Sub Way Some Like it Cold 7 August 2012 Some Like it Cold
876–877 What We Do, Cheese Roll Gielinor Games 24 July 2012 Ready, Set, Go for the Gielinor Games
870–875 Beneath the House, Drains and Canals, Tiny Adventure, Philipe's Bane, Lords and Ladies, Carnillean Rising Carnillean Rising 3 July 2012 Carnillean Rising
863–869 Bounty, I Can See You, Hunted, Target, Supreme Champions, Steady, You Will Know Me Crucible 19 June 2012 The Crucible
858–862 Burthorpe Danger, Burthorpe Dilemma, Burthorpe Dreams, Burthorpe Drummer, Burthorpe Duty Burthorpe 14 June 2012 Update unknown
856–857 Awoken, Queen Black Dragon Queen Black Dragon fight 29 May 2012 Queen Black Dragon, Diamond Jubilee and Clue Fest
848–855 Belly of the Beast, Getting on With Things, Hunting Dragons, Long Road, Something is Wrong, Song from the Depths, Weaving, Wending through the Willows Rimmington surroundings 22 May 2012 Song from the Depths
833–847 Runearia, Runebreath, Runecalm, Runefear, Runefire, Runeiverse, Runenergy, Runescar, Runespan, Runesphere, Runesque, Runetine, Runeward,Runewaste, Runewrath Runespan 30 April 2012 The_Runespan
831–832 Daemonheim Entrance, Daemonheim Fremenniks Daemonheim 24 April 2012 Fremennik Sagas II
822–830 Ga'al, Tzhaar City I, Tzhaar City II, Tzhaar City III, Tzhaar City IV, Tzhaar City V, Tzhaar Supremacy I, Tzhaar Supremacy II, Tzhaar Supremacy III TzHaar city 14 February 2012 TzHaar Quest, Minigame and Graphical Rework
814–821 Spiritual, Taverley Adventure, Taverley Ambience, Taverley Dreams, Taverley Enchantment, Taverley Lament, Taverley Folk, Taverley Frolics Troll Warzone 31 January 2012 Troll Warzone
812–813 The Firemakers' Theme, Charred Remains The Firemaker's Curse 11 January 2012 The Firemaker's Curse


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
811 Chaotic Cookery 2011 Christmas event 20 December 2011 Christmas 2011: A Towering Feast
810 Flash Factory Flash Powder Factory 13 December 2011 The Flash Powder Factory
809 Love Story Love Story 22 November 2011 RuneScape Revolution
797–808 Dominion Lobby I, Dominion Lobby II, Dominion Lobby III, Dominion Tower I, Dominion Tower II, Dominion Tower III, Dominion Tower IV, Dominion Tower V, Citharede Requiem, Traveller's Tale, Troubadour Dance, Valerio's Song Dominion Tower, Abbey of St. Elspeth Citharede 7 November 2011 One Piercing Note
796 DCII Mash-up (Infinity Mix) Halloween 2011 17 October 2011 Deathcon II: Halloween 2011
795 Kethsi Kethsi 4 October 2011 Chat Changes & Camera Controls
794 Return of Lucien Ritual of the Mahjarrat 14 September 2011 Ritual of the Mahjarrat
791–793 Arboretum, Darkmeyer, Upir Likhyi Darkmeyer 31 August 2011 The Branches of Darkmeyer
773–790 Architect of War, Citadel Theme, Citadel I, Citadel II, Citadel III, Citadel IV, Citadel V, Citadel VI, Citadel VII, Citadel VIII, Citadel IX, Citadel X, Citadel XI, Citadel XII, Citadel XIII, Citadel XIV, Citadel XV, Citadel XVI Clan Citadels 26 July 2011 Clan Citadels are Here!
772 Natural Selection Jadinko Lair 12 July 2011 Jadinko Lair
771 Slug Poison Salt in the Wound 5 July 2011 Salt in the Wound quest
770 Troll Invasion Troll Invasion 14 June 2011 Troll Invasion distraction and diversion
768–769 Deadliest Catch, Three of a Kind Deadliest Catch 7 June 2011 Deadliest Catch quest
766–767 Lament of the Snow Queen, Spring Song Easter 2011 19 April 2011 Holly and Hawthorn (Easter 2011) event
765 The Factory Floor A Clockwork Syringe 28 March 2011 A Clockwork Syringe quest
764 Metalwork Artisans Workshop 8 March 2011 Artisans Workshop
763 Logical Progression Elemental Workshop IV 1 March 2011 Elemental Workshop IV quest
761–762 Cage Against the Machine, Reunion The Prisoner of Glouphrie 9 February 2011 Prisoner of Glouphrie and Gnome Graphical Rework
760 Zaros Zeitgeist Ancient Prison 10 January 2011 God Wars Dungeon - The Ancient Prison
754–759 Colonel Grimsson, Corporate Callousness, Go with the Flow, Only a King, The Records Chamber, Rocky Rescue King of the Dwarves 4 January 2011 King of the Dwarves quest


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
752–753 Christmas Caverns, Seasonal Sports O Little Town of Daemonheim 20 December 2010 O' Little Town of Daemonheim (Christmas 2010) event
750–751 Monkey See, Monkey Do, Simian Scuffle Do No Evil 1 December 2010 Do No Evil quest
749 The Task at Hand Varies 24 November 2010 Tasks and Skill Targets
733–748 Blink, Dreadnaut, Hope Devourer, Kal'Ger the Warmonger, Torqueo I, Torqueo II, Torqueo III, Torqueo IV, Torqueo V, Torqueo VI, Torqueo VII, Torqueo VIII, Torqueo IX, Torqueo X, Warped Gulega, World-gorger Shukarhazh Daemonheim 2 November 2010 Dungeoneering – The Warped Floors
731–732 Black Zabeth, Halloween Party Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow 18 October 2010 Partying is Such Sweet Sorrow (Halloween 2010) event
725–730 Give it your Pest Shot, In Security, Mystery Revealed, Precarious Void, The Void Stares Back, Who Are We To Judge? The Void Stares Back 6 October 2010 The Void Stares Back quest
724 Gunnarsgrunn Gunnar's Ground 21 September 2010 Gunnar's Ground quest
705*, 722–723 Destiny, Right of Conquest, Unavoidable Conflict Unstable Foundations, Conquest 25 August 2010 Conquest minigame
706–721 Flesh-spoiler Haasghenahk, Gravecreeper, Necrolord, Occulo I, Occulo II, Occulo III, Occulo IV, Occulo V, Occulo VI, Occulo VII, Occulo VIII, Occulo IX, Occulo X, Runed Behemoth, Skeletal Trio, Yk'Lagor the Thunderous Daemonheim 19 August 2010 Dungeoneering - The Occult Floors
701–704 All for the Pest, Chain Reaction, Out of Control, Void Knights' Theme A Void Dance, Quiet Before the Swarm 10 August 2010 A Void Dance quest
698–700 Love and Hate, Love Bites, Love Lost Love Story 5 July 2010 Love Story quest
696–697 Lortnoc Tsep, Mindful Quiet Before the Swarm 24 June 2010 Quiet Before the Swarm quest
695 Judge and Jury Seers' Village Courthouse during a court session 9 June 2010 Court Cases D&D
694 Castle Warz Castle Wars 27 May 2010 Castle Wars Improvements
693 Body Talk Body puzzles in the Elemental Workshop 25 May 2010 The Elemental Workshop III quest
692 Root Canal Orks Rift 13 May 2010 A Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Orks Rift quest
688–691 Thieves' Guild I, Thieves' Guild II, Thieves' Guild III, Thieves' Guild IV Thieves' Guild 28 April 2010 Buyers and Cellars (and Thieves' Guild)
639–687 Adorno I, Adorno II, Adorno III, Adorno IV, Adorno V, Adorno VI, Adorno VII, Adorno VIII, Adorno IX, Adorno X, Astea Frostweb, Bal'lak the Pummeller, Born To Do This, Bulwark Beast, Desolo I, Desolo II, Desolo III, Desolo IV, Desolo V, Desolo VI, Desolo VII, Desolo VIII, Desolo IX, Desolo X, Divine Skinweaver, Glacialis I, Glacialis II, Glacialis III, Glacialis IV, Glacialis V, Glacialis VI, Glacialis VII, Glacialis VIII, Glacialis IX, Glacialis X, Gluttonous Behemoth, Har'Lakk the Riftsplitter, Hobgoblin Geomancer, Icy Bones, Lexicus Runewright, Luminescent Icefiend, Night-gazer Khighorahk, Plane-freezer Lakhrahnaz, Rammernaut, Sagittare, Shadow-forger Ihlakhizan, Stomp, To'Kash the Bloodchiller, Unholy Cursebearer Daemonheim 12 April 2010 Dungeoneering Skill!
638 An Easter United Easter Bunny's Burrow 29 March 2010 Egg-streme Management (Easter 2010) event
635–637 Freshwater, Saltwater, Stillwater Isla Anglerine, Fish Flingers event 23 March 2010 Fish Flingers quest
633–634 Dead and Buried, The Pact Lumbridge Catacombs 15 March 2010 The Blood Pact and Lumbridge Catacombs
632 A Familiar Feeling Familiarisation event 16 February 2010 Familiarisation D&D
631 These Stones Mage Training Arena basement 1 February 2010 Rune Mechanics quest
629–630 Battle of Souls, Desolate Ruins Soul Wars 11 January 2010 Nomad's Requiem quest


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
626–628 Ghost of Christmas Presents, Silent Knight, Smorgasbord Land of Snow 21 December 2009 A Christmas Warble (Christmas 2009) event
617–625 The Fallen Hero, Honky Tonky Harmony, Honky Tonky Medieval, Honky Tonky Newbie Melody, Honky Tonky Parade, Honky Tonky Sea Shanty, I'm Counting on You, Jaws of the Dagannoth, Maiasaura Quest Locations; Rising Sun Inn, Dancing Donkey Inn, Blue Moon Inn, Jolly Boar Inn, Rusty Anchor 15 December 2009 Blood Runs Deep quest
616 Final Destination Kuradal's Dungeon 8 December 2009 Kuradal's Dungeon
614–615 The Horn of Chill, Zaros Stirs Ghorrock fortress dungeon, Senntisten Temple 3 December 2009 The Temple at Senntisten quest
613 The Duke Upper floor of Lumbridge Castle 9 November 2009 Patch Notes (9 November 2009)
610–612 Itsy Bitsy..., Poison Dreams, Trick or Treat? Grim Reaper's House and Spider Realm 26 October 2009 Web of Shadows (Halloween 2009) event
609 Elven Seed Light puzzle room 13 October 2009 Within the Light quest
607–608 Living Rock, Scape Theme Living Rock Caverns 17 September 2009 Living Rock Caverns
606 Fight of the Dwarves Quest locations 9 September 2009 Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf quest
605 Exhibit 'A' Fighting the Skeletal Horror 10 August 2009 Fur 'n' Seek quest
603–604 Lamistard's Labyrinth, The Heist Quest locations 21 July 2009 The Curse of Arrav quest
600–602 Command Centre, Mobilising Armies, Waiting for Battle Mobilising Armies 8 July 2009 Mobilising Armies minigame
599 Eruption Wilderness Volcano 22 June 2009 Extended Agility courses
598 Kharidian Nights Uzer Mastaba 16 June 2009 Extra music for the Missing My Mummy quest
594–597 Desert Island Bear, Ice Day for Penguins, Penguin Possible, The Pengmersible Quest locations 2 June 2009 The Hunt for Red Raktuber quest
592–593 Ancestral Wisdom, The Plundered Tomb Quest locations 19 May 2009 Missing My Mummy quest
590–591 Rest for the Weary, The Muspah's Tomb Quest locations 21 April


Tale of the Muspah quest
588–589 Hare-brained Machines, Lazy Wabbit Event locations 8 April


Easter 2009 event
586–587 Frost Fight, Lair of Kang Admi Quest locations 1 April


Glorious Memories quest
579–585 But We Can Fight, Demise of the Dorgeshuun, Don't Panic Zanik, Face Off, Godslayer, The Chosen Commander, The Throne of Bandos Quest locations 17 March 2009 The Chosen Commander quest
577–578 Snack Attack, Trees aren't your Friends Event locations 25 February 2009 Sandwich Lady random event and Evil Tree Distraction and Diversion
575–576 Soul Wars, The Waiting Game Soul Wars 10 February 2009 Soul Wars minigame
574 The Phoenix Phoenix Lair 6 January 2009 In Pyre Need quest


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
571–573 Cavernous Mythology, The Dance of the Snow Queen, Winter Funfare Christmas Event locations, Land of Snow 16 December 2008 Christmas Event and Quest
566–570 Black of Knight, Dangerous Logic, Temple Desecrated, The Evil Within, The Sound of Guthix Quest locations 26 November 2008 While Guthix Sleeps quest
565 Stealing Creation Mystic's Camp 11 November 2008 Stealing Creation minigame
563–564 The Art of Hocus-Pocus, Magic and Mystery Rimmington/Port Sarim 28 October


2008 Hallowe'en event and Swept Away quest
559–562 Dream Theatre, The Ruins of Camdozaal, Undead Army, Zombie Invasion Quest location 29 September


Defender of Varrock quest
557–558 Bane of Summer, The Vacant Abyss Quest location 15 September


Summer's End quest
556 Circus Distraction and Diversion location 2 September 2008 Distractions and Diversions D&D
555 Second Vision Minigame location 12 August 2008 Runecrafting Guild / The Great Orb Project
554 Ardougne Ago Quest location 5 August 2008 Meeting History quest
552–553 Shining Spirit, Troubled Spirit Quest locations 29 July 2008 Spirit of Summer quest
550–551 The Adventurer, The Mentor Automatic or Lumbridge 14 July 2008 Learning the Ropes tutorial
547–549 A Pirate's Life for Me, Jailbird, Something Fishy Quest locations 11 June 2008 Rocking Out quest
543–546 Cool for Ali Cats, Desert Smoke, Slain to Waste, Under the Sand Pollnivneach 5 June 2008 Smoking Kills quest
540–542 Arma Gonna Get You, Dillo-gence is Key, TokTz-Ket-Ek-Mack TzHaar City 13 May


TokTz-Ket-Dill quest
538–539 Icy a Worried Gnome, Icy Trouble Ahead Perils of Ice Mountain 7 May 2008 Perils of Ice Mountain quest
532–537 Bloodbath, Conspiracy: Part 1, Conspiracy: Part 2, The Columbarium, The Terrible Caverns, The Terrible Tunnels Blood altar, quest locations 22 April 2008 Legacy of Seergaze quest
530–531 Guthix's Hunter, Waiting for the Hunt Fist of Guthix, North of Varrock 9 April 2008 Fist of Guthix minigame
529 Bittersweet Bunny Easter Bunny warren 18 March 2008 2008 Easter event
524–528 A New Menace, Creepy, Exam Conditions, Incarceration, Safety in Numbers Quest locations 11 March 2008 Kennith's Concerns quest & Stronghold of Player Safety update
523 The Wrong Path Surok Magis, in front of the Dagon'hai Shortcut 4 March 2008 Cutscene where Surok escapes in Hunt for Surok miniquest.
522 Charmin' Farmin' Vinesweeper minigame 19 February 2008 Vinesweeper minigame released.
519–521 Brain Battle, Jungle Community, Surok's Theme The Great Brain Robbery quest, north of Tai Bwo Wannai Village, What Lies Below quest 5 February 2008 Audio Week and Improved Edgeville Dungeon.) Players who already completed the quest will automatically get credit. Jungle Community is locked, players need to revisit the area to the north of Tai Bwo Wannai Village.
515–518 Bish Bash Bosh, Hot 'n' Bothered, Shaping Up, Spa Bizarre Oo'glog 29 January 2008 As a First Resort... quest
511–514 Animal Apogee, The Route of All Evil, The Route of the Problem, Scape Summon Summoning Obelisks, Chaos Tunnels, opening music during Summoning update 15 January


Summoning! quest
508–510 Copris Lunaris, Scarabaeoidea, Tune from the Dune Dealing with Scabaras 2 January 2008 Dealing with Scabaras quest


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
507 Land of Snow Land of Snow 18 December 2007 2007 Christmas event
502–506 Bounty Hunter Level 1, 2, 3; Clan Wars (music track), Venomous Bounty Hunter, Clan Wars, Scorpion Pit in Wilderness 10 December 2007 Wilderness Changes, Bounty Hunter and Clan Wars!
501 The Trade Parade Grand Exchange 26 November 2007 The Grand Exchange
500 Tournament! Duel Arena 20 November 2007 Duel Arena Tournaments and Changes
496–499 Catacombs and Tombs, Dusk in Yu'biusk, Temple of Tribes, Zanik's Theme Yu'biusk, goblin temple in Goblin Cave 12 November 2007 Land of the Goblins quest
495 Grimly Fiendish Grim Reaper's house 22 October 2007 2007 Hallowe'en event
494 Roots and Flutes Karamja Jade vine maze 9 October 2007 Back to my Roots quest
493 Altar Ego Ourania Runecrafting Altar 18 September 2007 The ZMI Altar
487–492 Bolrie's Diary, Healin' Feelin', The Longramble Scramble, Storeroom Shuffle, Terrorbird Tussle, Waste Defaced Gnome Village Dungeon, Poison Waste Slayer Dungeon 3 September


The Path of Glouphrie quest
482–486 Armageddon, Armadyl Alliance, Bandos Battalion, Strength of Saradomin, Zamorak Zoo God Wars Dungeon, Armadyl's Eyrie, Bandos's Stronghold, Saradomin's Encampment, Zamorak's Fortress 28 August 2007 God Wars Dungeon
480–481 Knightmare, Lore and Order Keep Le Faye/Black Knights' Fortress, Seers' Village courthouse 24 July 2007 King's Ransom quest
479 School's Out Mr. Mordaut's classroom 17 July 2007 Surprise Exam! random event
478 Barb Wire Ancient Cavern 3 July 2007 Barbarian Training miniquest
477 Melzar's Maze Melzar's Maze 18 June 2007 The Dragonfire Shield
476 Impetuous Puro-Puro 11 June 2007 Impetuous Impulses minigame
474–475 Fe Fi Fo Fum, Mouse Trap Taverley tree patch, Tower between Goblin Village and Ice Mountain 4 June 2007 Grim Tales quest
473 Looking Back Varrock Museum 29 May


Varrock's New Look
467–472 Down and Out, Everlasting, Illusive, Inadequacy, On the Up, Untouchable Lunar Isle and Dream World 15 May 2007 Dream Mentor quest
463–466 HAM and Seek, Ham Attack, Slice of Silent Movie, Slice of Station HAM Tunnel, Dorgesh-Kaan train station 24 April 2007 Another Slice of H.A.M. quest
462 Rising Damp Brine Rat Cavern 10 April 2007 Olaf's Quest quest
461 Easter Jig 2007 Easter event 2 April 2007 Easter Antics event
460 Alternative Root Chaos Altar shortcut (a.k.a Tunnel of Chaos) 27 March 2007 What Lies Below quest
458–459 Dorgeshuun City, Dorgeshuun Deep Dorgesh-Kaan, Dorgesh-Kaan South Dungeon 20 March 2007 Dorgesh-Kaan
457 Zombiism Harmony Island 6 March 2007 The Great Brain Robbery quest
453–456 Creature Cruelty, Magic Magic Magic, Work Work Work, Mutant Medley Tower of Life, South of Ardougne 19 February


The Tower of Life
449–452 Garden of Autumn, Garden of Spring, Garden of Summer, Garden of Winter South-east of Al Kharid 12 February


Sorceress's Garden minigame
443–448 Island of the Trolls, Major Miner, Norse Code, Ogre the Top, Volcanic Vikings, Jester Minute Jatizso and Neitiznot 6 February 2007 The Fremennik Isles quest
441–442 Espionage, Have an Ice Day Iceberg 29 January 2007 Cold War quest
440 Undead Dungeon south-western Morytania 22 January 2007 The Lair of Tarn Razorlor miniquest
436–439 Back to Life, Beetle Juice, The Depths, Labyrinth Sophanem Dungeon 10 January 2007 Contact! quest
434–435 Assault and Battery, Pirates of Penance Barbarian Outpost 4 January 2007 Barbarian Assault minigame


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
431–433 Jungle Bells, Jungle Island XMAS, Sea Shanty XMAS near Karamja volcano 18 December 2006 Christmas Update!
429–430 Eagle Peak, Where Eagles Lair Eagles' Peak 28 November 2006 Eagles' Peak
424–428 Joy of the Hunt, Jungle Hunt, Poles Apart, On the Wing, Scape Hunter hunter areas 21 November 2006 HUNTER SKILL!
423 Floating Free Enlightened Journey 6 November 2006 Enlightened Journey
422 High Spirits 2006 Hallowe'en event 30 October 2006 Hallowe'en Event - For ALL Players!
420–421 My Arm's Journey, Roc and Roll My Arm's Big Adventure 23 October 2006 Would you like to see My Arm?
419 Prime Time Elemental Workshop II 2 October 2006 Elemental Workshop II
417–418 Slug a Bug Ball, The Mollusc Menace The Slug Menace 20 September 2006 Slug Menace
413–416 Darkmeyer, Lament of Meiyerditch, Night of the Vampyre, The Last Shanty Darkness of Hallowvale 4 September 2006 Myreque Pt III - Darkness of Hallowvale
412 Brimstail's Scales Brimstail's cave 15 August 2006 The Eyes of Glouphrie
406–411 Dreamstate, The Galleon, Isle of Everywhere, The Lunar Isle, Waking Dream, Way of the Enchanter Lunar Diplomacy 24 July 2006 Lunar_Diplomacy
405 Tomb Raider Jalsavrah Pyramid 17 July 2006 Pyramid Plunder
402–404 All's Fairy in Love and War, We are the Fairies, Dimension X Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen 11 July 2006 Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen
395–401 Dogs of War, Food For Thought, Malady, Dance of Death, Little Cave of Horrors, Distillery Hilarity, Barbarianism, Trouble Brewing Stronghold of Security 4 July 2006 Security and free-to-play update - the Stronghold of Security
391–394 H.A.M. Fisted, Sigmund's Showdown, The Power of Tears, The Lost Melody Death to the Dorgeshuun 21 June 2006 Death to the Dorgeshuun!
390–391 Warriors' Guild, Kingdom Warriors' Guild 12 June 2006 Warriors' Guild
388–389 Homescape, Home Sweet Home Player-owned house 31 May 2006 PLAYER-OWNED HOUSES!
382–387 Head to Head, Pinball Wizard, Meddling Kids, Slither and Thither, Land Down Under, Corridors of Power Royal Trouble, Evil Twin, Pinball 22 May 2006 Royal Trouble
379–381 Making Waves, Last Stand, Joy of the Hunt Swan Song 2 May 2006 Return of the Wise Old Man!
377–378 Null and Void, Pest Control Pest Control 18 April 2006 Pest Control
376 Funny Bunnies 2006 Easter event 10 April 2006 Easter bunnies infest RuneScape!
372–375 Wrath and Ruin, Fear and Loathing, Method of Madness, No Way Out A Soul's Bane 3 April 2006 A Soul's Bane
370–371 Distant Land, Fangs For the Memory In Aid of the Myreque 22 March 2006 In Aid of the Myreque
365–369 Chef Surprize, Chickened Out, Davy Jones's Locker, Mastermindless, Too Many Cooks... Recipe for Disaster 15 March 2006 Hundredth Quest - Recipe for Disaster!
364 The Mad Mole Falador Mole Lair 7 March 2006 Canoeing, Zygomites and a Mole!
363 Storm Brew Killerwatt plane 20 February 2006 Updates, updates and more updates...
360–362 Cabin Fever, In the Brine, Life's a Beach! Cabin Fever 7 February 2006 Cabin Fever
359 Lament Enakhra's Lament 23 January 2006 Enakhra's Lament
358 Pharaoh's Tomb Agility Pyramid 16 January 2006 Agility Pyramid
357 In the Clink Prison Pete 10 January 2006 The Hand in the Sand
351–356 The Enchanter, Golden Touch, Mind Over Matter, Roll the Bones, These Stones Mage Training Arena 4 January 2006 Mage Training Arena


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
348–350 Title Fight, Woe of the Wyvern, Victory is Mine Asgarnian Ice Dungeon, Champion's Guild 12 December 2005 Champions, Wyverns and Granite
344–347 Desert Heat, Over To Nardah, Spirits of Elid, The Genie Spirits of the Elid 5 December 2005 Nardah, Tool Sheds & Spirits of the Elid
338–343 The Noble Rodent, Rat Hunt, Bubble and Squeak, Sarim's Vermin, Rat a Tat Tat, Catch Me If You Can Rat Catchers 28 November 2005 Rat Catchers and Rat Pits!
336–337 Grip of the Talon, Incantation Shadow of the Storm 14 November 2005 Shadow of the Storm
334–335 Dagannoth Dawn, Subterranea Waterbirth Island 7 November 2005 Waterbirth Island - deeper, darker, deadlier!
331–333 Aye Car Rum Ba, Blistering Barnacles, Scape Scared Rum Deal, Logging in 31 October 2005 Rum Deal
329–330 Corporal Punishment, Mudskipper Melody Drill Demon event, Mudskipper Point 24 October 2005 Mogres, Lizards, Pet Fish, Potions and Potatoes!
327–328 La Mort, Temple of Light Mourning's Ends Part II 17 October 2005 Mourning's Ends Pt II
326 TzHaar! TzHaar Fight Cave 4 October 2005 TzHaar Fight Caves
325 Strange Place A Tail of Two Cats 26 September 2005 A Tail of Two Cats
323–324 In the Pits, Fire and Brimstone Fight Pits 19 September 2005 Massive minigame - Fight Pits
322 Have a Blast Blast Furnace 23 August 2005 Blast Furnace
321 Evil Bob's Island Evil Bob's Island 9 August 2005 Tai Bwo Wannai Clean-Up
315–320 Frogland, Pheasant Peasant, The Desolate Isle, The Monsters Below, The Quiz Master, Xenophobe Frog, Freaky Forester random events, Waterbirth Island 1 August 2005 Waterbirth Island
314 Forgettable Melody, Right On Track Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf 26 July 2005 The Forgettable Tale...
313 Far Away, Fight or Flight Mourning's Ends Part I 19 July 2005 Plague City Series Continued
312 The Chosen Recruitment Drive 27 June 2005 Recruitment Drive
310–311 The Far Side, The Rogues' Den Rogues' Den 25 June 2005 Rogues Den + Tweaks
309 Into the Abyss Abyss 13 June 2005 RuneCraft Update and Tweaks
303–308 Monster Melee, The Lost Tribe, Land of the Dwarves, Marzipan, Tale of Keldagrim, Time to Mine Lost Tribe, Keldagrim 31 May 2005 New Appointment in Lumbridge
300–302 Romper Chomper, Wayward, Zogre Dance Zogre Flesh Eaters 17 May 2005 Zogre Flesh Eaters
298–299 Dangerous Way, Dance of the Undead Barrows 9 May 2005 Barrows
296–297 The Power of Tears, Tears of Guthix Tears of Guthix 4 May 2005 Earthquake Rocks Lumbridge
293–295 City of the Dead, Hypnotized, Sphinx Sophanem 26 April 2005 Desert Month Finale
286–292 Bone Dry, Down Below, Frostbite, Path of Peril, Sarcophagus, Scarab, Sunburn Desert Treasure 18 April 2005 Desert Treasure
282–285 The Golem, Forgotten, Throne of the Demon, Kharidian Nights The Golem 11 April 2005 The Golem
281 Dynasty Pollnivneach 4 April 2005 Ali Morrisane and Pollnivneach
278–280 Time to Mine, In Between, Claustrophobia Between a Rock... 21 March 2005 Between a Rock...
277 Cave of the Goblins Lumbridge Swamp Caves 14 March 2005 Lumbridge Swamp Caves
275–276 Cave of Beasts, Settlement Mountain Daughter 7 March 2005 Mountain Daughter and Changes
270–274 Brew Hoo Hoo, Dragontooth Island, Shipwrecked, The Other Side, Phasmatys Ghosts Ahoy 15 February 2005 Ghosts Ahoy and Slayer Update
267–269 Fenkenstrain's Refrain, Body Parts, Barking Mad Creature of Fenkenstrain 31 January 2005 Creature of Fenkenstrain
264–266 Masquerade, The Slayer, The Terrible Tower Slayer 26 January 2005 Slayer Skill
261–263 Pathways, Karamja Jam, 7th Realm Karamja Dungeon 17 January 2005 Karamja Dungeon
260 Stillness In Search of the Myreque 10 January 2005 In Search Of The Myreque
257–259 Romancing the Crone, Stranded, Hell's Bells Troll Romance 5 January 2005 Troll Romance, Banks and Chat


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Reason: Missing number in order (#248) because Monkey See, Monkey Do was wrongfully put here at the Monkey Madness entry.
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Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
253–256 Chamber, Deep Down, Haunted Mine, Spooky2 Haunted Mine 21 December 2004 The Haunted Mine
249–252 Melodrama, Ready For Battle, Castle Wars, Castle Warz Castle Wars 13 December 2004 Castle Wars
239–247 Anywhere, Find My Way, Island Life, Marooned, Monkey Madness, Showdown, Suspicious, Technology, Temple Monkey Madness 6 December 2004 Monkey Madness
238 Competition Burthorpe Games Room 24 November 2004 Burthorpe Games Room
237 Out of the Deep, Faithless, Lighthouse Horror from the Deep 17 November 2004 Horror From The Deep
231–236 Borderland, Miscellania, Etcetera, The Navigator, Rellekka, Warrior The Fremennik Trials 2 November 2004 The Fremennik Trials
227–230 Complication, Courage, Down to Earth, Superstition Chaos Altar, Taverley Dungeon 26 October 2004 Treasure Trails and Changes
224–226 Bone Dance, Shadowland, Lair Shades of Mort'ton 18 October 2004 Mortton Shades and Mage Armour
223 Mad Eadgar Eadgar's Ruse 5 October 2004 Eadgars Ruse
213–222 Crystal Castle, Elven Mist, Everywhere, Exposed, Forest, Lost Soul, Meridian, Overpass, Well of Voyage, Woodland South-east of Prifddinas 20 September 2004 Plague City Part 4 Released
212 Insect Queen Kalphite lair 7 September 2004 Situation in the Sands
208–211 Contest, Legend, Saga, Sojourn Troll Stronghold 24 August 2004 Troll Stronghold Quest
205–207 Hermit, Principality, Tremble Death Plateau 9 August 2004 Death Plateau Quest
203–204 Artistry, Time Out Mime random event 2 August 2004 New Random Events!
202 Aztec Brimhaven Agility Arena 27 July 2004 Agility, Potions and Parties!
197–201 Dead Quiet, Grotto, Natural, Stagnant, Waterlogged Nature Spirit 13 July 2004 Nature Spirit Quest
194–196 Mausoleum, Morytania, Village Priest in Peril 29 June 2004 Priest In Peril Quest
193 Twilight Elemental Workshop I 2 June 2004 Elemental Workshop Quest
192 Goblin Game Dwarf Cannon 27 May 2003 New Dwarf Cannon Quest
189–191 Understanding, Grumpy, Chompy Hunt Big Chompy Bird Hunting 18 May 2004 Big Chompy Bird Hunting
175–188 Breeze, Dangerous Road, Deadlands, Dunjun, Legion, Lightness, Long Way Home, Medieval, Miles Away, Miracle Dance, Nightfall, Parade, Righteousness, Rune Essence The Underground Pass 29 March 2004 RS2 Launched!
18–174 Adventure, Al Kharid, Alone, Ambient Jungle, Arabian, Arabian2, Arabian3, Arabique, Army of Darkness, Arrival, Attack1, Attack2, Attack3, Attack4, Attack5, Attack6, Attention, Autumn Voyage, Background, Ballad of Enchantment, Bandit Camp, Baroque, Beyond, Big Chords, Book of Spells, Camelot, Cave Background, Cavern, Cellar Song, Chain of Command, Close Quarters, Crystal Cave, Crystal Sword, Dangerous, Dark, Dead Can Dance, Deep Wildy, Desert Voyage, Doorways, Dream, Duel Arena, Dwarf Theme, Emotion, Emperor, Egypt, Escape, Everlasting Fire, Expanse, Expedition, Faerie, Fanfare, Fanfare2, Fanfare3, Fishing, Flute Salad, Forbidden, Forever, Gaol, Garden, Gnomeball, Gnome King, Gnome Village2, Goblin Village, Greatness, Harmony, Harmony2, Heart and Mind, High Seas, Horizon, Iban, Ice Melody, Inspiration, Intrepid, Jolly-R, Jungle Island, Jungle Troubles, Jungly1, Jungly2, Jungly3, Knightly, Landlubber, Lasting, Lightwalk, Long Ago, Lonesome, Lullaby, Mage Arena, Magical Journey, March, Monarch Waltz, Neverland, Nomad, Overture, Pirates of Peril, Quest, Regal, Reggae, Reggae2, Riverside, Royale, Sad Meadow, Scape Cave, Scape Sad, Scape Original, Scape Santa, Scape Soft, Scape Wild, Sea Shanty, Sea Shanty2, Serene, Serenade, Shine, Shining, Soundscape, Spirit, Splendour, Spooky, Spooky Jungle, Starlight, Start, Still Night, Talking Forest, The Desert, The Shadow, Theme, The Tower, Tomorrow, Tree Spirits, Tribal, Tribal2, Tribal Background, Trinity, Troubled, Underground, Underground Pass, Unknown Land, Upcoming, Undercurrent, Venture, Venture2, Vision, Voodoo Cult, Voyage, Wander, Waterfall, Wilderness, Witching, Wilderness2, Wilderness3, Wildwood, Wild Isle, Wild Side, Wonder, Wonderous, Workshop, Yesteryear, Zealot RuneScape 15 March 2004 RS2 Music player and fixes


Number Name Related Content/Area Date Event or update
16–17 Trawler, Trawler Minor Fishing Trawler 28 July 2003 Trawler mini game
13–15 Cursed, Moody, Expecting Underground Pass 3 March 2003 New Quest Online - Part Three
12 Oriental Shilo Village 27 January 2003 Shilo Village Quest online
10–11 Narnode's Theme, Gnome Village Tree Gnome Stronghold 12 December 2002 Agility skill online
8–9 In the Manor, Magic Dance Yanille 29 October 2002 Updates galore!
7 Newbie Melody Tutorial Island 24 September 2002 Tutorial island
6 Fruits de Mer Sea Slug 9 September 2002 Sea Slug Quest
5 The Cellar Dwellers Ardougne 15 August 2002 Sheep and cults
4 Mellow Fishing Guild 17 June 2002 Latest RuneScape News (17 June 2002)
3 Stratosphere Cosmic Altar 27 February 2002 Latest RuneScape News (27 February 2002)
2 Tiptoe Ernest the Chicken 21 January 2001 Newsletter 1
1 Scape Main Logging in 4 January 2001 Runescape beta is now online!

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