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For the full list of quests in RuneScape, see List of quests. For more info about quests, see Quests.

The following are a list of Novice quests in RuneScape:

Non-members' questsEdit

Name Length Skill levels Quest requirements QP Rewards QS
A Shadow over Ashdale Short None None 1
  • 300 Attack-icon experience.
  • 300 Strength-icon experience.
  • 300 Defence-icon experience.
  • 300 Constitution-icon experience.
  • 3 Black pearl Black pearls
The Blood Pact Short None None 1
Cook's Assistant Very Short None None 1
  • 300 Cooking-icon experience.
  •  Permission to use the cook's range (50% more successful food cooking).
  • 20 Sardine sardines (noted)
  • 500 coins
The Death of Chivalry Medium None None 3
Death Plateau Medium None None 1 T1
Demon Slayer Medium None None 3 A1
Druidic Ritual Short None None 4 K1
Ernest the Chicken Medium None None 4
Goblin Diplomacy Very Short None None 5
Gunnar's Ground Short 5 Crafting-icon None 5[1]
  • 300 Crafting-icon experience
  • 200 xp Antique lamp (Gunnar&#039;s Ground) antique lamp
  • Swanky boots Swanky boots
  • Ability to get further Crafting tasks from Dororan (requiring up to level 90 Crafting, boosts allowed)
Imp Catcher Medium None None 1
Let Them Eat Pie Very Short None None 1
Myths of the White Lands Medium None None 1
One Piercing Note Medium None None 2
Pirate's Treasure Medium None None 2
The Restless Ghost Short None None 1
Rune Mysteries Short None None 1
Shield of Arrav Medium None None 1
  • 600 coins
Stolen Hearts Short None None 3
Swept Away Short None None 2
Vampyre Slayer Short None None 3
  • 4,825 Attack-icon experience.
What's Mine is Yours Short 5 Smithing-icon None 1
Wolf Whistle Short None None 1
  1. ^ Only if Romeo and Juliet not completed

Members' questsEdit

Name Length Skill levels Quest requirements QP Rewards QS
Biohazard Long None Plague City 3 P2
Bringing Home the Bacon Medium 14 Farming-icon
14 Summoning-icon
14 Construction-icon
None 1
Broken Home Long None None 1
Buyers and Cellars Short 5 Thieving-icon
None 1
  • 500 Thieving-icon experience
  • Access to the Thieves' Guild
  • Ability to perform Capers for further rewards and an expanded Thieves' Guild
Call of the Ancestors Short None None 1
Clock Tower Short None None 1
  • 500 coins
Diamond in the Rough Short None Stolen Hearts 1
Dwarf Cannon Short None None 1
Eagles' Peak Medium 27 Hunter-icon None 2
Elemental Workshop I Short 20 Mining-icon
20 Smithing-icon
20 Crafting-icon
None 1 EW1
Fishing Contest Short 10 Fishing-icon None 1
  • 2,437 Fishing-icon experience
  • Access to White Wolf Mountain shortcut
Fur 'n' Seek Medium 25 Slayer-icon Rag and Bone Man 2
Gertrude's Cat Short None None 1
Hazeel Cult Short None None 1
Impressing the Locals Short None None 1
Jungle Potion Short - Medium 3 Herblore-icon Druidic Ritual 1 K2
Missing, Presumed Death Medium None None 2
Monk's Friend Short None None 1
Murder Mystery Short None None 3
  • 2,000 coins
  • 1,406 Crafting-icon experience
Nature Spirit Short - Medium 18 Crafting-icon
10 Prayer-icon
Priest in Peril
The Restless Ghost
Observatory Quest Short 10 Crafting-icon None 2
  • 2,250 Crafting-icon experience
  • 875 Attack-icon experience
  • 875 Defence-icon experience
  • 875 Constitution-icon experience
  • 875 Strength-icon experience
  • A random item determined by the constellation viewed
  • Access to Spirit of Scorpius
Perils of Ice Mountain Short 10 Construction-icon
10 Farming-icon
10 Hunter-icon
11 Thieving-icon
None 1
  • 500 Construction-icon experience
  • 500 Farming-icon experience
  • 500 Hunter-icon experience
  • 500 Thieving-icon experience
  • Ability to smith pickaxes
  • Access to the power station ladder for quicker access
Plague City Short - Medium None None 1 P1
Priest in Peril Medium None Rune Mysteries 1
Rag and Bone Man Medium None None 2
Recruitment Drive Short None Druidic Ritual 1 TK2
Rune Mechanics Short 27 Magic-icon
20 Runecrafting-icon
25 Construction-icon
Rune Mysteries

Wolf Whistle

Rune Memories Short None Rune Mysteries 1
Sheep Herder Short None None 4
  • 3,100 coins
Song from the Depths Short None None 1
Soul's Bane, A Medium None None 1
Tale of the Muspah, The Medium 6 Firemaking-icon
8 Mining-icon
10 Magic-icon
10 Woodcutting-icon
None 1 MA1
Tower of Life Short 10 Construction-icon None 2

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