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Members-only questsEdit

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Jagex classification
1Novice Novice
2Intermediate Intermediate
3Experienced Experienced
4Master Master
5Grandmaster Grandmaster
6Special Special

This is a list of all members-only quests. The difficulty of a quest varies depending on each player's strengths and weaknesses. Some recommendations presented in quest guides present a single point of view and may be just one of many possible strategies. Balance these walkthroughs with your knowledge of RuneScape and your own abilities.

From 24 April 2012 until 4 January 2014, all quests also awarded two spins on the Squeal of Fortune. This did not apply for quests completed prior to the update. After 4 January 2014, Squeal of Fortune rewards for quests were replaced by Treasure Hunter keys.


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
All Fired Up 2Intermediate 1Short 1 Arrav
Animal Magnetism 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
Another Slice of H.A.M. 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
As a First Resort 3Experienced 3Long 1 Ogre


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Back to my Roots 4Master 2Medium 1 N/A
Back to the Freezer 4Master 2Short 1 Penguin
Between a Rock... 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Red Axe
Big Chompy Bird Hunting 2Intermediate 1Short 2 Ogre
Biohazard 1Novice 1.5Short - Medium 3 Elf
Birthright of the Dwarves 5Grandmaster 3Long 2 Red Axe
Blood Runs Deep 4Master 3Long 2 Fremennik
The Branches of Darkmeyer 4Master 3Long 2 Myreque
Bringing Home the Bacon 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
The Brink of Extinction 5Grandmaster 3Long 3 TzHaar
Broken Home 1Novice 3Long 1 N/A
Buyers and Cellars 1Novice 1Short 1 Thieves' Guild


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Cabin Fever 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Pirate
Call of the Ancestors 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Carnillean Rising 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Xenia
Catapult Construction 4Master 3Long 2 Elf
Children of Mah 7Grandmaster 2Medium 2 Sliske
The Chosen Commander 3Experienced 3Long 3 Dorgeshuun
Clock Tower 1Novice 2Medium 1 N/A
A Clockwork Syringe 4Master 3Long 1 Pirate
Cold War 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Penguin
Contact! 4Master 2Medium 1 Desert
Creature of Fenkenstrain 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 N/A
The Curse of Arrav 4Master 2Medium 1 Arrav, Mahjarrat


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Darkness of Hallowvale 2Intermediate 3Long 2 Myreque
Deadliest Catch 4Master 1Short 1 Linza
Dealing with Scabaras 4Master 2Medium 1 Desert
Death to the Dorgeshuun 2Intermediate 3Long 1 Dorgeshuun
Defender of Varrock 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Arrav
Desert Treasure 4Master 3Long 3 N/A
Devious Minds 3Experienced 1Short 1 N/A
Diamond in the Rough 1Novice 1Short 1 Ozan
The Dig Site 2Intermediate 3Long 2 N/A
Dimension of Disaster 6Special 3Long 10 N/A
Dishonour among Thieves 2Intermediate 3Long 2 N/A
Do No Evil 4Master 4Very long 1 Desert, Monkey
Dream Mentor 4Master 2Medium 2 Fremennik
Dwarf Cannon 1Novice 2Medium 1 N/A


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Eadgar's Ruse 3Experienced 2Medium 1 Troll
Eagles' Peak 1Novice 2Medium 2 N/A
The Elder Kiln 4Master 3Long 2 TzHaar
Elemental Workshop I 1Novice 1Short 1 Elemental Workshop
Elemental Workshop II 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Elemental Workshop
Elemental Workshop III 2Intermediate 3Long 1 Elemental Workshop
Elemental Workshop IV 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 Elemental Workshop
Enakhra's Lament 3Experienced 2Medium 2 N/A
Enlightened Journey 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
The Eyes of Glouphrie 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 Gnome


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale III - Battle at Orks Rift 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Fairy Tale
Family Crest 3Experienced 2Medium 1 N/A
Fate of the Gods 5Grandmaster 2Medium 2 Zaros
The Feud 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
Fight Arena 3Experienced 1Short 2 N/A
The Firemaker's Curse 4Master 3Long 2 Zaros
Fishing Contest 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf 2Intermediate 3Long 2 Red Axe
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf 4Master 2Medium 2 Red Axe
The Fremennik Isles 3Experienced 3Long 1 Fremennik
The Fremennik Trials 2Intermediate 3Long 3 Fremennik
Fur 'n' Seek 1Novice 2Medium 2 N/A


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Garden of Tranquillity 2Intermediate 3Long 2 N/A
Gertrude's Cat 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Ghosts Ahoy 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 N/A
The Giant Dwarf 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 Red Axe
Glorious Memories 4Master 2Medium 1 Fremennik
The Golem 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
The Grand Tree 3Experienced 3Long 5 Gnome
The Great Brain Robbery 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Pirate
Grim Tales 4Master 1.5Short - Medium 1 N/A


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
The Hand in the Sand 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
Haunted Mine 3Experienced 2Medium 2 N/A
Hazeel Cult 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Heart of Stone 1Intermediate 1Long (1-2 hours) 1 Ariane, Xenia
Heroes' Quest 3Experienced 2.5Medium - Long 1 Guild
Hero's Welcome 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Fremennik, Dragonkin
Holy Grail 2Intermediate 2.5Medium - Long 2 Camelot
Horror from the Deep 3Experienced 1Short 2 Fremennik
Hunt for Red Raktuber 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Penguin


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Icthlarin's Little Helper 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 Desert
Impressing the Locals Novice Short 1 Tales of the Arc
In Aid of the Myreque 2Intermediate 3Long 2 Myreque
In Pyre Need 3Experienced 1Short 1 N/A
In Search of the Myreque 2Intermediate 1Short 2 Myreque


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Jungle Potion 1Novice 1.5Short - Medium 1 Karamja


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Kennith's Concerns 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Sea Slug
Kindred Spirits 3Experienced 2Medium 1 Sliske
King of the Dwarves 4Master 2Medium 2 Red Axe
King's Ransom 3Experienced 2Medium 1 Camelot, Sinclair


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Land of the Goblins 3Experienced 2Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
Legacy of Seergaze 3Experienced 3Long 2 Myreque
Legends' Quest 4Master 3Long 4 Guild
The Light Within 5Grandmaster 3Long 2 N/A
The Lord of Vampyrium 4Master 3Long 2 Myreque
Lost City 3Experienced 2Medium 3 Fairy Tale
The Lost Tribe 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
Love Story 4Master 2Medium 2 Wise Old Man
Lunar Diplomacy 3Experienced 2.5Medium - Long 2 Fremennik


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Making History 2Intermediate 2Medium 3 History
Meeting History 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 History
Merlin's Crystal 2Intermediate 2.5Medium - Long 6 Camelot
Missing My Mummy 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Mahjarrat
Missing, Presumed Death 1Novice 2Medium 2 Sliske, God, Dragonkin
The Mighty Fall 4Master 2Medium 2 Troll, Dorgeshuun, God
Monkey Madness 4Master 3Long 3 Gnome, Monkey
Monk's Friend 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Mountain Daughter 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 Fremennik
Mourning's Ends Part I 4Master 3Long 2 Elf
Mourning's Ends Part II 4Master 3Long 2 Elf
Murder Mystery 1Novice 1Short 3 Sinclair
My Arm's Big Adventure 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Troll


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Nature Spirit 1Novice 2Medium 2 N/A
Nomad's Elegy 4Master 2Medium 1 Sliske
Nomad's Requiem 5Grandmaster 2Medium 3 N/A


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Observatory Quest 1Novice 1Short 2 N/A
Olaf's Quest 2Intermediate 1Short 1 Fremennik
One of a Kind 5Grandmaster 2Medium 1 Dragonkin
One Small Favour 3Experienced 3Long 2 Karamja


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
The Path of Glouphrie 3Experienced 2Medium 1 Gnome
Perils of Ice Mountain 1Novice 2Medium 1 N/A
Plague City 1Novice 3Long 1 Elf
Plague's End 5Grandmaster 3Long 2 Elf
Priest in Peril 1Novice 2Medium 1 N/A
The Prisoner of Glouphrie 3Master 2Medium 1 Gnome


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Quiet Before the Swarm 2Intermediate 1Short 1 Void Knights


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Rag and Bone Man 1Novice 2Medium 2 N/A
Rat Catchers 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 N/A
Recipe for Disaster 6Special 5Very, Very Long 10 N/A
Recruitment Drive 1Novice 1Short 1 Temple Knights
Regicide 4Master 3Long 3 Elf
Ritual of the Mahjarrat 5Grandmaster 4Very long 3 Mahjarrat, Arrav
River of Blood Grandmaster Long 3 Myreque
Roving Elves 4Master 1Short - Medium 1 Elf
Rocking Out 4Master 3Long 2 Pirate
Royal Trouble 3Experienced 2.5Medium - Long 1 Fremennik
Rum Deal 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Pirate
Rune Mechanics 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Rune Memories 1Novice 1Short 1 Ariane


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Salt in the Wound 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 Sea Slug
Scorpion Catcher 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
Sea Slug 2Intermediate 1Short 1 Sea Slug
Shades of Mort'ton 2Intermediate 2Medium 3 N/A
Shadow of the Storm 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
Sheep Herder 1Novice 1Short 4 Elf
Shilo Village 3Experienced 3Long 2 Karamja
Sliske's Endgame 5Grandmaster Very Long 3 Sliske, Elder Gods, Dragonkin
Slug Menace 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Sea Slug, Temple Knights
Smoking Kills 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
Some Like It Cold 3Experienced 3Long 1 Penguin
Song from the Depths 1Novice 1Short 1 The Raptor
A Soul's Bane 1Novice 2Medium 1 N/A
Spirit of Summer 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Summer
Spirits of the Elid 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 N/A
Summer's End 3Experienced 1Short 1 Summer
Swan Song 4Master 2Medium 2 Wise Old Man


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio 2Intermediate 3Long 2 Karamja
A Tail of Two Cats 2Intermediate 2Medium 2 N/A
The Tale of the Muspah 1Novice 2Medium 1 Mahjarrat
Tears of Guthix 2Intermediate 1Short 1 N/A
The Temple at Senntisten 4Master 3Long 2 Mahjarrat
Temple of Ikov 3Experienced 3Long 1 Mahjarrat
Throne of Miscellania 3Experienced 2Medium 1 Fremennik
The Tourist Trap 2Intermediate 3Long 2 N/A
TokTz-Ket-Dill 3Experienced 2Medium 1 N/A
Tower of Life 1Novice 2Medium 2 N/A
Tree Gnome Village 1Intermediate 3Long 2 Gnome
Tribal Totem 2Intermediate 1Short 1 N/A
Troll Romance 3Experienced 2Medium 2 Troll
Troll Stronghold 3Experienced 2Medium 1 Troll


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Underground Pass 3Experienced 3Long 5 Elf


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
A Void Dance 3Experienced 3Long 1 Void Knights
The Void Stares Back 5Grandmaster 2Medium 1 Void Knights


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Wanted! 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Temple Knights
Watchtower 2Intermediate 3Long 4 N/A
Waterfall Quest 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Elf
What Lies Below 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
While Guthix Sleeps 5Grandmaster 4Very long 5 Mahjarrat
Witch's House 2Intermediate 1Short 4 N/A
Within the Light 4Master 2Medium 2 Elf
The World Wakes 5Grandmaster 2Medium 3 God


Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Zogre Flesh Eaters 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 Ogre

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