For the full list of quests in RuneScape, see List of quests. For more info about quests, see Quests.

The following are a list of master quests in RuneScape:

Name Members Length Quest points Series
'Phite Club Yes Short 1 Desert
A Clockwork Syringe Yes Long 1 Pirate
Back to my Roots Yes Medium 1 N/A
Back to the Freezer Yes Medium 1 Penguin
Blood Runs Deep Yes Long 2 Fremennik
Catapult Construction Yes Short 2 N/A
Contact! Yes Medium 1 Desert
Crocodile Tears Yes Medium 1 Desert
Deadliest Catch Yes Short 1 N/A
Dealing with Scabaras Yes Long 1 Desert
Desert Treasure Yes Long 3 Return of Zaros
Do No Evil Yes Very long 1 Desert
Dream Mentor Yes Short 2 Fremennik
Forgiveness of a Chaos Dwarf Yes Medium 2 Rise of the Red Axe
Glorious Memories Yes Medium 1 Fremennik
Grim Tales Yes Medium 1 N/A
King of the Dwarves Yes Medium 2 Rise of the Red Axe
Legends' Quest Yes Long 4 N/A
Love Story Yes Medium 2 Wise Old Man
Monkey Madness Yes Very long 3 Gnome
Mourning's End Part I Yes Long 2 Elf
Mourning's End Part II Yes Very long 2 Elf
Nomad's Elegy Yes Long 1 Sliske
Our Man in the North Yes Medium 1 Desert
Regicide Yes Long 3 Elf
Rocking Out Yes Long 2 Pirate
Roving Elves Yes Short 1 Elf
Swan Song Yes Medium 2 Wise Old Man
The Branches of Darkmeyer Yes Long 2 Myreque
The Curse of Arrav Yes Medium 1 Mahjarrat
The Elder Kiln Yes Medium 2 TzHaar
The Firemaker's Curse Yes Long 2 Return of Zaros
The Lord of Vampyrium Yes Long 2 Myreque
The Mighty Fall Yes Long 2 Dorgeshuun
The Prisoner of Glouphrie Yes Medium 1 Gnome
The Temple at Senntisten Yes Medium – Long 2 Mysteries of the Mahjarrat
Return of Zaros
Within the Light Yes Medium 2 Elf

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