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For the full list of quests in RuneScape, see List of quests. For more info about quests, see Quests.

Name Members Length Quest points Series
A Tail of Two Cats Yes Long 2 Dragonkin
All Fired Up Yes Short 1 N/A
Animal Magnetism Yes Medium 1 N/A
Another Slice of H.A.M. Yes Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
Beneath Cursed Tides No Short 1 N/A
Big Chompy Bird Hunting Yes Short 2 N/A
Carnillean Rising Yes Medium 1 Signature Heroes
Cold War Yes Medium 1 Penguin
Creature of Fenkenstrain Yes Medium 2 N/A
Darkness of Hallowvale Yes Very long 2 Myreque
Death to the Dorgeshuun Yes Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
Dishonour among Thieves Yes Long 2 God
Elemental Workshop II Yes Short 1 Elemental Workshop
Elemental Workshop III Yes Medium – Long 1 Elemental Workshop
Elemental Workshop IV Yes Long 2 Elemental Workshop
Enlightened Journey Yes Medium 1 N/A
Forgettable Tale... Yes Long 2 Rise of the Red Axe
Garden of Tranquillity Yes Long 2 N/A
Ghosts Ahoy Yes Long 2 N/A
Heart of Stone Yes Long 1 Elder Gods
Holy Grail Yes Short – Medium 2 Camelot
Hunt for Red Raktuber Yes Medium 1 Penguin
Icthlarin's Little Helper Yes Medium 2 Desert
In Aid of the Myreque Yes Medium 2 Myreque
In Search of the Myreque Yes Short 2 Myreque
Kennith's Concerns Yes Medium 1 Sea Slug
Making History Yes Medium 3 Enchanted key
Meeting History Yes Short – Medium 1 Enchanted key
Merlin's Crystal Yes Medium 6 Camelot
Missing My Mummy Yes Medium – Long 1 Mahjarrat
Mountain Daughter Yes Medium 2 Fremennik
My Arm's Big Adventure Yes Medium 1 Troll
Olaf's Quest Yes Short 1 Fremennik
Quiet Before the Swarm Yes Medium 1 Void Knights
Temple Knight
Ratcatchers Yes Long 2 N/A
Salt in the Wound Yes Medium 2 Sea Slug
Temple Knight
Scorpion Catcher Yes Short 1 N/A
Sea Slug Yes Short 1 Sea Slug
Shades of Mort'ton Yes Short 3 N/A
Shadow of the Storm Yes Medium 1 N/A
Smoking Kills Yes Short 1 Desert
Spirit of Summer Yes Medium 1 Summer
Spirits of the Elid Yes Medium 2 Desert
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio Yes Long 2 N/A
Tears of Guthix (quest) Yes Short 1 N/A
The Dig Site Yes Long 2 Return of Zaros
The Eyes of Glouphrie Yes Medium 2 Gnome
The Feud Yes Medium 1 N/A
The Fremennik Trials Yes Long 3 Fremennik
The Giant Dwarf Yes Medium – Long 2 Rise of the Red Axe
The Golem Yes Medium 1 N/A
The Hand in the Sand Yes Medium 1 N/A
The Knight's Sword No Short 1 N/A
The Lost Tribe Yes Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
The Slug Menace Yes Medium 1 Sea Slug
Temple Knight
The Tourist Trap Yes Long 2 Desert
Tree Gnome Village Yes Medium 2 Gnome
Tribal Totem Yes Short 1 N/A
Wanted! Yes Medium 1 Temple Knight
Watchtower Yes Long 4 N/A
Waterfall Quest Yes Medium 1 Elf
What Lies Below Yes Short – Medium 1 N/A
Witch's House Yes Short 4 N/A
Zogre Flesh Eaters Yes Medium 1 N/A

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