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Free-to-play questsEdit

Jagex classification
1Novice Novice
2Intermediate Intermediate
3Experienced Experienced
4Master Master
5Grandmaster Grandmaster
6Special Special

This is a list of all free-to-play quests. The difficulty of a quest varies depending on each player's strengths and weaknesses. Some recommendations presented in quest guides present a single point of view and may be just one of many possible strategies. Balance these walkthroughs with your knowledge of RuneScape and your own abilities.

From 24 April 2012 until 4 January 2014, all quests also awarded two spins on the Squeal of Fortune. This did not apply for quests completed prior to the update. After 4 January 2014, Squeal of Fortune rewards for quests were replaced by Treasure Hunter keys.

Name Difficulty Length Quest points Series
Beneath Cursed Tides 2Intermediate 1Short 1 N/A
The Blood Pact 1Novice 1Short 1 Xenia
Cook's Assistant 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
The Death of Chivalry 1Novice 2Medium 3 Sir Owen, Temple Knight, God
Death Plateau 1Novice 1Short 1 Troll
Demon Slayer 1Novice 1Short 3 N/A
Dragon Slayer 3Experienced 3Long 2 N/A
Druidic Ritual 1Novice 1Short 4 N/A
Ernest the Chicken 1Novice 2Medium 4 N/A
Goblin Diplomacy 1Novice 1Short 5 N/A
Gower Quest 3Experienced 3Long 1 N/A
Gunnar's Ground 1Novice 1Short 5 N/A
Imp Catcher 1Novice 2Medium 1 N/A
The Knight's Sword 2Intermediate 2Medium 1 N/A
Let Them Eat Pie 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Myths of the White Lands 1Novice 2Medium 2 N/A
One Piercing Note 1Novice 2Medium 2 N/A
Pirate's Treasure 1Novice 2Medium 2 Pirate
The Restless Ghost 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Rune Mysteries 1Novice 2Medium 1 Ariane
A Shadow over Ashdale 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Shield of Arrav 1Novice 2Medium 1 Arrav
Stolen Hearts 1Novice 2Medium 3 Ozan, Desert
Swept Away 1Novice 1Short 2 N/A
Vampyre Slayer 1Novice 1Short 3 N/A
What's Mine is Yours 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A
Wolf Whistle 1Novice 1Short 1 N/A

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