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For the full list of quests in RuneScape, see List of quests. For more info about quests, see Quests.

The following are a list of experienced quests in RuneScape:

Name Members Length Quest points Series
A Void Dance Yes Long 1 Void Knights
As a First Resort Yes Long 1 N/A
Between a Rock... Yes Medium 2 Rise of the Red Axe
Cabin Fever Yes Medium 2 Pirate
Defender of Varrock Yes Medium 2 Arrav
Devious Minds Yes Short 1 N/A
Dragon Slayer No Long 2 N/A
Eadgar's Ruse Yes Medium 1 Troll
Druid's Circles
Enakhra's Lament Yes Medium 2 Mahjarrat
Fairy Tale III - Orks Rift Yes Medium 2 Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale II - Cure a Queen Yes Medium 2 Fairy Tale
Fairy Tale I - Growing Pains Yes Long 2 Fairy Tale
Family Crest Yes Medium 1 N/A
Fight Arena Yes Short 2 Mahjarrat
Gower Quest No Long 1 N/A
Haunted Mine Yes Medium 2 N/A
Hero's Welcome Yes Medium 2 Fremennik
Heroes' Quest Yes Medium – Long 1 N/A
Horror from the Deep Yes Medium 2 Fremennik
In Pyre Need Yes Short 1 N/A
Kindred Spirits Yes Long 1 Sliske
King's Ransom Yes Medium 1 Camelot
Land of the Goblins Yes Medium 1 Dorgeshuun
Legacy of Seergaze Yes Long 2 Myreque
Lost City Yes Short 3 Fairy Tale
Lunar Diplomacy Yes Long 2 Fremennik
One Small Favour Yes Long 2 N/A
Royal Trouble Yes Medium 1 Fremennik
Rum Deal Yes Medium 2 Pirate
Shilo Village Yes Long 2 N/A
Some Like It Cold Yes Medium – Long 1 Penguin
Summer's End Yes Short 1 Summer
Temple of Ikov Yes Medium 1 Mahjarrat
The Rise of Lucien
The Chosen Commander Yes Long 3 Dorgeshuun
The Fremennik Isles Yes Long 1 Fremennik
The Grand Tree Yes Long 5 Gnome
The Great Brain Robbery Yes Medium 2 Pirate
The Path of Glouphrie Yes Medium 1 Gnome
Throne of Miscellania Yes Medium 1 Fremennik
TokTz-Ket-Dill Yes Long 1 TzHaar
Troll Romance Yes Medium 2 Troll
Troll Stronghold Yes Short 1 Troll
Underground Pass Yes Long 5 Elf

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