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The following page lists all the music available in free worlds. As of 22 January 2016, free players can unlock over 359 music tracks (including tracks from Tuska Comes, the Summer Beach Party, and 2015 Christmas event, as well as a couple other discontinued tracks not listed here).

Non-members could previously unlock certain member-only music tracks, including Background, Crystal Cave, Dragontooth Island, Gaol, Legion, Sad Meadow, and Underground. These were moved to P2P areas, and as such are discontinued. For the full list of unlockable members' music, see here.

When Gnomecopter Tours were released, Jagex apparently wished to cap the non-member limit of songs at 150 instead of 152, so two of the Gnomecopter-obtainable songs were removed from free-to-play (Background and Narnode's Theme), yet Dragontooth Island remained to make an even 150.

A list of requirements to unlock all current F2P tracks:

If it's no longer possible to unlock a track in F2P, please add "discontinued" in the description.

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