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Lina chathead

Lina is one of six roaming fire-makers involved in The Firemaker's Curse. During the quest, she reveals that she joined the expedition to the cave south of Eagles' Peak in order to go on her first escapade, as she expresses her desire to become an adventurer.[1]

She was raised by fellow fire-maker Flint, after he one day found her in a field as a baby,[2] thus invoking her interest in fire.[3]

If not killed during the quest, Lina will appear alongside rest of the survivors at Balthazar Beauregard's Big Top Bonanza.


Concept art for Lina


  1. ^ Lina, "The Firemaker's Curse", RuneScape. "I want to be an adventurer like you, Player!"
  2. ^ Flint, "The Firemaker's Curse", RuneScape. "I care for her as my daughter. I found her when she was a tiny baby, all alone on the plains. Saradomin knows how she had survived. I raised her as my own child. I couldn't bear it if anything were to happen to her."
  3. ^ Lina, "The Firemaker's Curse", RuneScape. "It's a silly story. Flint raised me, so I was always interested in fire. The first fire I made was when I was 10; I took one of his inventions that made sparks. I used it outside the house, and it threw a spark on to a poor chicken! The chicken was fine. Just a bit singed."

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