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Lift manual detail

A Lift manual, or AMCE Lift-In-A-Box User Manual, is obtained during the Royal Trouble quest. It is a guide to using the Lift-In-A-Box system, which is being used by a number of dwarves in their efforts to expand the caves beneath Miscellania. The Lift-In-A-Box is a product of AMCE, one of the many projects of famed entrepreneur Ali Morrisane.

It can be obtained again from the table in the dungeon if lost, or from the bookcase of a Player owned house.


The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Lift manual.
Troubleshooting your AMCE Lift-In-A-Box

"My lift doesn't work!"

  1. Have you added the pulleys? Make sure you have a long top beam with a pulley, and pulleys on the two crossbeams. We recommend AMCE Pulley-Beams-In-A-Box.
  2. Have you attached a rope? Wind one of your AMCE Ropes-In-A-Box through the pulleys.
  3. Is the platform broken? Repair it with one of your AMCE Beams-In-A-Box.
  4. Have you added the engine? The AMCE Lift-In-A-Box does not include an engine.
  5. Have you added coal to the engine? All compatible coal engines have a maximum load of five chunks of coal.
(AMCE Lift-In-A-Box, Pulley-Beams-In-A-Box, Beams-In-A-Box and Ropes-In-A-Box are all registered trademarks of Ali Morrisane Commercial Enterprises (AMCE) Ltd.)


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