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Lesser demons are monsters found in Daemonheim, on the occult and warped floors. Unlike the lesser demons that dwell on the surface, these monsters are capable of using Melee in addition to a different variant of magic attacks. They are fairly strong and accurate for their level, with a weakness to arrows.

They will always attack the player without a Shadow Silk Hood first. If there are various players without a Shadow Silk Hood, they will start attacking the player with the lowest combat level.

Higher levelled Lesser demons have a powerful melee attack that is usually accurate. If players get close it will use its melee attack much more often then its magic attack, which it only uses once before reverting back to melee attacks.

Each demon will have a different look that will represent its combat level. A lower level demon will be completely red, while higher level demons will have a look similar to a light red demon with spikes on its shoulders.


100% dropsEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Accursed ashesAccursed ashes1Always91

Other dropsEdit

Quantities and rarities are random. Dropped food will usually be the second best you can fish and cook and drops in general will become less generous as you progress.
Torn bags
Please note that non-members can receive torn bags as well, although they can only sell them (or alchemise).


  • When demon ashes were first introduced on 15 February 2011, these lesser demons did not drop Accursed ashes, and instead dropped regular ashes. This was fixed on 4 October 2011.
  • Lesser demons outside Daemonheim are weak against bolts, whereas lesser demons found in Daemonheim are weak against arrows.

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