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Lergberry seed detail

A Lergberry seed is a Herblore Habitat Farming resource, needing a level of 61 Farming to plant it to grow a Lergberry bush. It can attract certain kinds of Jadinkos while it is growing or when it matures. After growing into its full size, the player can pick up Lergberries. To prevent the chance of disease, the Zombie farmer can be paid three red vine blossoms to take care of it.

Lergberry seeds can be obtained from catching jadinkos, or from collecting seeds from the offering stone in the Jadinko Lair.

It is the preferred bush for igneous, amphibious, draconic, and camouflaged jadinkos.

If the Zombie farmer does not watch the bush for the player, then disease may be removed using secateurs. Successfully pruning the diseased bush will place leaves in the player's inventory. However, sometimes the bush may have to be pruned more than once to successfully remove all of the diseased leaves. If left alone, the diseased bush will die.

Seed dibber
Farming-icon level 61
Patch Bush
Planting exp 145.5
Grow time (min) 75
Yield 4
Exp per item 31.5
Required payment
for protection
3 Red vine blossom
Used as payment
to protect
5 Shengo seeds, 3 Kalferberry seed

Healthy lergberry
Stage Description Image
1 Lergberry1
2 Lergberry2
3 Lergberry3
4 Lergberry4
5 Lergberry5
6 Lergberry6
7 Lergberry7


  • On the week of release, pruning a diseased lergberry bush with Magic secateurs would turn it into a Kalferberry bush. This glitch was patched the following week.

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