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Lergberries detail

The Lergberry can be obtained in Herblore Habitat. They are picked off the Lergberry bush. A full harvest yields 4 berries and earns 31.5 Farming experience for each. Similar to other berry bushes, lergberries may be individually picked, without waiting for a full harvest, and they are also renewable, i.e. if the patch is not cleared, more berries will appear after growth. 3 lergberries are the payment demanded by the zombie farmer for tending kalferberry bushes, and 5 lergberries will convince him to tend your Shengo herb plant.

Lergberries can also be used to make compost.

Farming level 61
Patch Bush
Payment 3 red vine blossoms
Time 75
Seeds per 1 seed
Planting Unknown edit
Checking Unknown edit
Harvesting Unknown edit
Crop Unknown edit
Yield[?] Unknown edit

A fully grown lergberry bush in the Herblore Habitat.

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