Legends' Guild mining site
Legends guild mine
Release date Unknown edit
Location North-east of Ardougne, south-west of Legends' Guild.
Members Yes
Rocks 11 Iron rocks
13 Coal rocks
Monsters Grizzly bears
Requirements None
Main music Unknown edit
Legends' Guild mining site

The Legends' Guild mining site is located just south-west of the Legends' Guild and to the east of East Ardougne – specifically, its east entrance.

It is notable as one of the two ideal for power mining locations which contain three iron rocks adjacent to a single square, the other one being Piscatoris Fishing Colony. There are also several Grizzly bears around the mining site, which can be dangerous to players with a combat level under 65.

Players bank their ores at either:

  • East Ardougne's southern bank
  • The 2nd3rd floor[UK] of the Legends' Guild (after the Legends' Quest)
  • Zanaris, which can be accessed by the fairy ring, code BLR near the Legends' Guild, then walking south and slightly west.
  • Alternatively, they can quickly teleport to a bank and return via the fairy ring near the Yanille lodestone.

This site contains many coal rocks, and some players may find it more useful than the Mining Guild as it is less crowded and is closer to a bank. The mine can also be used for making steel bars at the furnace in Ardougne.

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