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Release date 28 February 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Members only No
Quest NPC Stolen Hearts, Diamond in the Rough, Missing My Mummy, Do No Evil
Location Draynor Village,
Uzer Mastaba (after starting Do No Evil)
Sells items No
Gender Female
  • An agent of Al Kharid.
  • She comes from Al Kharid.
  • Who is this mysterious woman?
Leela location
Leela chathead

Leela is a spy and the daughter of Osman, head spymaster of Al Kharid. She can be found just north of The Skulls Headquarters (the old jail) in Draynor Village and features heavily in Stolen Hearts, Diamond in the Rough and Missing My Mummy. It is implied in Missing My Mummy that Osman and Leela are descendants of Pharaoh Senliten. Only one of her descendants or someone working for them can avoid the curse of her tomb.

When Senliten is fully restored and Dealing with Scabaras is completed it is possible to travel with Leela to Senliten and have a talk with them. This is a requirement to start Do No Evil.


  • She received a graphic update on 19 May 2009 along with non-player characters Ali Morrisane and Reldo Trimmly, when Missing My Mummy was released. All three feature in the quest. She received yet another with the release of the Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough quests. Before the graphic update, she used to wear a tiara and when talking, her chathead animation made her look like she was tired.
  • According to Ozan, he met Leela when they were younger, starting a series of events that lead to his exile from Al-Kharid.
  • There is currently a glitch, where if you took Leela to Senliten's tomb before some of the new quests, such as Diamond in the Rough, in the quest log, it will not count towards the requirements for Do No Evil.
Audio options icon
Leela making a threat
Audio options icon
Leela showing her perfectionist personality

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