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Release date 28 February 2001 (Update)
Race Human
Members No
Quest NPC Stolen Hearts
Diamond in the Rough
Missing My Mummy
Do No Evil
Crocodile Tears
Our Man in the North
Location Draynor Village
Uzer Mastaba (after starting Do No Evil)
Sells items No
Gender Female
Examine An agent of Al Kharid.

She comes from Al Kharid.
Who is this mysterious woman?

Leela location
Leela chathead

Leela is a spy and the daughter of Osman, head spymaster of Al Kharid. She can be found just north of The Skulls Headquarters (the old jail) in Draynor Village and is featured heavily in Stolen Hearts, Diamond in the Rough and Missing My Mummy.


Leela moved to Al Kharid at some point with her father, who was the new captain of the guard at the time. A thief broke into the palace and, attracted to her room by her singing The Cactus Lily, tried to woo her and called her "Princess", much to her disgust. She pulled a crossbow on the thief, Ozan, who kissed her then fled when the Palace guard came to her aid. He ended up in the Palace's treasure vault and was caught by Osman, accused of trying to steal the Kharid-ib, and subsequently banished from Al Kharid.[1]

Prince Ali RescueEdit

The following takes place during Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough.

Several years later, the heir to the throne of Al Kharid, Prince Ali Mirza, was kidnapped by a gang known as The Skulls. She snuck into their headquarters in Draynor Village and confronted the leader of the gang, a former Kharidian palace guard named Khnum, the thief Ozan and a new initiate to the gang. She mistakenly assumed Ozan was a member of the gang and threatened the three of them if they didn't hand over the prince. Ozan pleaded his innocence, revealing that he had been trying to infiltrate the gang himself for similar purposes by using the new initiate as an inside source. They captured Khnum and forced him to reveal his plans by threatening to starve him. She confronted Lady Keli, who was moving the prince elsewhere, but failed to stop her as Mercenary Joe and two Skulls mercenaries attacked them. She commanded Ozan and his adventurer friend to tell her father Osman what had happened.

She later joined them on the path revealed by the Kharid-ib, rescuing them from the Kalphite Nursery. She confronted Lady Keli, who revealed herself to be Amascut, and helped rescue Ali, losing the Kharid-ib in the process. She and the adventurer returned to Al Kharid with the prince while Ozan went hunting for the jewel, once again banished from Al Kharid. When Osman blamed Ozan for his failure, Leela grew angry and quit as a spy in disgust.

Visiting a QueenEdit

The following takes place during Missing My Mummy and Do No Evil.

Leela visited a mastaba, making some progress into the tomb before deciding to retreat. She hired the adventurer to speak to the Pharaoh Queen buried within, warning them of the danger involved. They entered the mastaba and found a journal and a partially translated text, which they brought back to her. She studied the texts and discovered that the Pharaoh Queen had been split up into several parts then commissioned the adventurer to repair the Queen, giving them instructions on how to do so. After the adventurer did so and the Queen was fully repaired, Senliten contacted Leela.

Word reached Leela that the adventurer had dealings with Scarabas. When she next saw them, she requested they join her in visiting Senliten. Once there, she spent several hours speaking with Senliten about the events that had occurred since the Queen had been sealed in the mastaba. The Queen requested the adventurer's aid in returning monkeys to the desert, having been wiped out since her time. While they were aiding the monkeys, Osman followed Leela to the tomb and demanded she abandon her foolish efforts, as they were making him a laughing stock. Though they were eventually able to successfully reintroduce monkeys to the desert and restore the goddess Apmeken, Senliten's words still discomforted her.

It is revealed in Our Man in the North that Osman and Leela are descendants of the Pharaoh Queen Senliten. Only one of her descendants or someone working for them, for example the player, can avoid the curse of her tomb.

Personality and capabilitiesEdit

Leela concept art

Leela wielding a crossbow

Leela is rather headstrong, doing what she believes is right regardless of what others think.

She is skilled with a crossbow, using it at least twice, both times against Ozan.[1] She has also been depicted as wielding a crossbow on her bio page on Menaphos's dedicated minisite.


  • She received a graphic update on 19 May 2009 along with non-player characters Ali Morrisane and Reldo Trimmly, when Missing My Mummy was released. All three feature in the quest. She received yet another with the release of the Stolen Hearts and Diamond in the Rough quests. Before the graphic update, she used to wear a tiara and when talking, her chathead animation made her look like she was tired.
  • There is currently a glitch where if you took Leela to Senliten's tomb before some of the new quests, such as Diamond in the Rough, in the quest log, it will not count towards the requirements for Do No Evil.
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Leela making a threat
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Leela showing her perfectionist personality


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