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Lectern interface

The lectern interface.

Mahogany eagle lectern

The animation for making Teleport Tablets.

A Lectern is a piece of furniture that members can build in the study of their player-owned houses.

With the use of a lectern, the players have the ability to craft magic tablets. Each level of lectern allows new spells to be crafted. To craft a spell tablet, players needs one soft clay for each tablet and the runes and Magic level required to cast the spell.

There is a difference between the eagle and demon lecterns, and although they both gain more spells the higher level construction needed to build the lectern, Eagle tend to have only teleport spells (with the exception of the Lvl-1 Enchant spell), while demon lecterns are composed of enchantment spells, as well as bone alchemy (such as Bones to Bananas) with the exception of a Varrock Teleport.

The types of lecterns, materials required to build, and the experience earned are as follows:

Lectern Image Level Materials Experience
Oak Oak lectern 40 1 Oak plank 60
Eagle Eagle lectern 47 2 Oak planks 120
Demon Demon lectern 47 2 Oak planks 120
Teak eagle Teak eagle lectern 57 2 Teak planks 180
Teak demon Teak demon lectern 57 2 Teak planks 180
Mahogany eagle Mahogany eagle lectern 67 2 Mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf 580
Mahogany demon Mahogany demon lectern 67 2 Mahogany planks, 1 gold leaf 580

With the update of 18 August 2009, players can make 1, 5, 10, X, or All tablets via the interface. The time spent seems to be slightly less than the previous "click for every tab" method.

If the house owner logs out while a player is making teleport tablets, they will continue to make them outside of the portal.

Making tabs is very slow: 1 every 4.2 seconds, or 7 ticks.

Note: If you are making tabs manually and begin clicking on the lectern before the animation finishes, it is quicker than using the Make-X interface. This method can create 25 tabs in around 80 seconds, where a Make-X for 25 tabs takes around 107 seconds. Note that manually clicking is a lot more intensive than Make-X.

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