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Leaping salmon detail

Leaping salmon, in order to be caught, requires a Fishing level of 58 and a Strength and Agility level of 30, providing 70 Fishing experience, 6 Strength experience, and 6 Agility experience. It can only be caught with a barbarian rod with feathers or fishing bait after starting Barbarian Training. The best place to catch Leaping Salmon is at Otto's Grotto. It cannot be cooked but can be used with a knife to cut it open, which always gives roe, and may also give fish offcuts, providing 10 Cooking experience. The roe and offcuts serve as bait, so if the player has a high enough Cooking level, and manages the cuts right, they essentially have an endless supply of bait. However, some players find that alching the fish instead of using them for bait is faster and easier because it doesn't interrupt fishing, and saves the player from having to drop each fish individually if they do not want to use them for bait.

Note: Due to an unannounced update, players can also use a fishing bait at Otto's fishing spot. Players fishing in this area should be cautious with any pet out (e.g. Saradomin owl) that eats fishing bait.

The order in which bait is used first is as follows: bait, feathers, offcuts, roe, caviar.


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