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Law rune running (also known as Law running) is the interaction between two groups of players - crafters (also known as assisters), who create Law runes (level 54 Runecrafting required) and runners, who bring pure essence to the crafters at the Law altar.

Both parties benefit in different ways. The runecrafters gain fast, free experience, while the runners get their essence turned into Law runes. Since Law runes are one of the most expensive runes due to their use in teleport spells, effective Law running methods can allow a player to make a large amount of money. The nearest bank to the Law altar, Draynor Village, is not too far away, but players have developed several quicker methods for running essence to the Law altar.

The official Law rune running worlds are World 66 and World 99.

Please note: These worlds have since changed to different activities.

With the return of free trade, law running is more popular. World 66 is more often frequented.

With the addition of the Runespan, the popularity of law running is now decreasing, due to the much higher rates of experience from it.


There are no requirements to law run; although there are requirements for the various methods of travel to and from Entrana. No armour or weapons can be wielded due to the Monks guarding Entrana, as such the Abyss method is more dangerous as you cannot defend yourself easily.

Standard practiceEdit

Two worlds have been officially designated as law running worlds; World 66 and World 99. On World 66, runecrafters were identified by red Zamorak robes[1]. Another company, running on world 99, could be identified by green Fremennik robes and green Fremennik skirts.

Both companies have since dissolved. The following information is provided for historical reference.

Runners needed pure essence in unnoted form to begin. Pure essence can be mined from the Rune Essence mine (Rune Mysteries quest required) with a Mining level of 30 or purchased from other players. The running time from Draynor Village bank to Entrana, the most often used route for runners, is approximately 2 minutes. Runners do not need a Law talisman, Law tiara, or Law talisman staff, since crafters trade law runes for essence outside the altar. (This is because the law talisman is more difficult to obtain than other talismans, so the crafters are available to a wider 'audience' of runners by standing outside)

On World 66, runners traded 27 unnoted pure essence for as many law runes as the crafter has in inventory (usually 27) and 27 noted pure essence, basically getting the essence for free after the first time. They then went to a bank to deposit the law runes and to unnote the essence.

On world 99, runners traded 28 unnoted pure essence for as many law runes as the crafter has in inventory (usually 28). Runners provided their own essence by mining it or trading for it, although there were ways to get free pure essence for rune running on World 99.

It is always helpful to wear weight-reducing items such as Boots of lightness, a spotted or spottier cape, and Penance gloves.

The most common and fastest methods of transport to the Law altar are discussed below.

Trading InformationEdit

The MathEdit

The calculations use real-time prices from the Grand Exchange Market Watch. For more information, see Grand Exchange Market Watch/Runecrafting.

This example assumes that the Runner is carrying 25 Pure essence to the Runecrafter.

  • Wealth transfer (to runner): 5,525 coins

Or you can ask them to assist you.

See Grand Exchange Market Watch/Runecrafting for current prices, or to update outdated prices.

Selling Law RunesEdit

Law runes are always in demand, due to their use in teleport spells. While market price is constantly fluctuating, Law runes currently sell for 245 coins in the Grand Exchange. The table below shows the profit runecrafters can make in Law Running. Depending on your Runecrafting level, you may be able to craft more than one law rune from the pure essence.

Runecrafting Multiplier Runecrafter Level Profit per trip with 28 Pure Essence Profit per trip with 25 Pure Essence Profit per trip with 25 Pure Essence * Profit with 1000 Pure Essence Profit with 1000 Pure Essence *
Single 54+ 6,188 5,525 6,125 221,000 245,000

* These columns assume that you mine the pure essence yourself.

Methods of TransportationEdit

Law running

The route from the Entrana dock to the Law altar.

The following are the different ways of getting to and from the Law altar, arranged from fastest to slowest.

Note: Some assisters at the Law altar might provide a charged amulet of glory in exchange for a discharged amulet of glory to help things run more smoothly.

Note: All methods below except the Abyss require a Law tiara, or Wicked Hood with a Law talisman / tiara or Omni-Talisman fed to it.

Law Altar Teleport TabletEdit

Note: This method is perhaps the fastest (yet seemingly time-consuming).

Items required:

Skills required:

By using a Law Teleport Tablet with some form of jewellery transportation to bank. The Law Altar tablet teleports the player just outside the altar and among other Runecrafting Teleport Tablets is a reward from The Great Orb Project minigame; they cost 43 tokens each. Theoretically, if one completely wins the 16-minute game earning 1000 tokens and spends all of them on Law Altar tablets, they obtain 23 tablets which, if one uses pouches, can add up to 1196 runes per game (74 law runes per minute); 996 if the crafter's Runecrafting level is below 75.

The AbyssEdit

Note: This method requires the completion of the Abyss (miniquest). Items required:

Skills required:

  • High Agility (squeezing through the wall) **
  • High Thieving (distracting the eyes) **
  • High Combat level (Not essential but the Abyss is a filled with monsters that are aggressive to lower levels)

* Note: Both hatchet and pickaxe are not permitted inside the law altar, as this is classed as part of Entrana. Thus, these items must be dropped before entering the law portal. If the pickaxe/hatchet is in your toolbelt you do not have to waste time dropping anything.

** Only one of the following is required to access the inner ring of the Abyss but it is not a necessary.

From Edgeville, run north to the Zamorak mage, located in the low level Wilderness near Edgeville. Go through the abyss to the Law altar. Craft the runes and use an amulet of glory or Paddewwa Teleport back to Edgeville to bank and repeat the cycle. Check to see if any assisters at the altar will exchange your uncharged amulet of glory for a charged one.

Note: You may also use the Edgeville Home Teleport from the Ancient Magic spellbook for free Edgeville teleports.

Optional: You might also want to bring teleports to your POH (runes or teletabs) if you have an amulet of glory mounted in your home's Quest Hall (recommended next to entrance portal), as it will provide unlimited teleports and may drastically speed up the process for those that cannot buy multiple amulets of glory due to lack of money.

Alternatively, if the player has a mounted amulet of glory, dust runes can be carried to cast Teleport to House. The spell will use up one of the crafted law runes. However, this method can save money on amulets of glory, and save time because the amulet will not have to be changed every four teleports. Note, Building mode should be set to ON so that you can walk through doors.


Note: This method requires the completion of the Enlightened Journey quest and the unlocking of the route between Entrana and Castle Wars (50 Firemaking required)

Items required:

From Castle Wars, run north to the balloon Assistant and use the Logs to fly to Entrana. Run to the law altar and craft the runes. Finally, use the Ring of duelling to teleport to Castle Wars to bank and repeat the cycle.

Mobilising Armies to Spirit TreeEdit

Items required:

Skill required:

Use the spirit tree in Mobilising Armies to get to Port Sarim, run to the monks and sail to Entrana. Craft the runes,and then teleport to Mobilising Armies using the ring of duelling to restock and repeat the cycle.

Varrock to Spirit TreeEdit

Note: It is helpful to change your Varrock teleport location to the Grand Exchange.

Items required:

Skill required:

Use the spirit tree in Grand Exchange to teleport to Port Sarim, run to the monks and sail to Entrana, run to the law altar and craft runes, then use your Varrock teletab to get to the Grand Exchange. Restock and repeat.


Items required:

A cheap and effective way to make the runs is to equip a Ring of kinship and to have an Explorer's ring 3 in inventory. Cabbage-port to the Falador cabbage patch, run to the monks in Port Sarim, deposit the Explorer's Ring in the deposit box, take the boat to Entrana, craft runes, use the Ring of Kinship to teleport to Daemonheim, bank to deposit runes, to restock essence, and to retrieve the Explorer's Ring, then repeat.

Glory to DraynorEdit

Items required:

Suggested items:

From Draynor Village, run west to Port Sarim and board the ship bound for Entrana. Craft the runes, and then use an amulet of glory to teleport back to Draynor Village to bank your runes and repeat the cycle. Check to see if any assisters at the altar will exchange your uncharged amulet of glory for a charged one.

If you have completed the Heroes' Quest, you can recharge several amulets of glory by taking them to the Heroes' Guild quickly with a Games necklace and banking the charged amulets of glory before continuing. It is recommended to have several amulets if you are going to be using this strategy. Players can recharge up to 28(+1) amulets of glory at once, allowing up to 115 trips to Entrana before having to recharge the Amulets of glory again. A glory worn around your neck (+1) will also recharge.

Mounted Glory to DraynorEdit

Note: This method uses up one of the law runes crafted per trip.

Items/Skills required:

From Draynor Village, run west to Port Sarim and board the ship bound for Entrana. Craft the runes, and then cast the Teleport to House spell. Rub your mounted amulet of glory to teleport to Draynor Village and bank your runes. Repeat the cycle.

Falador TeleportEdit

Note: This method might use up one of the Law runes crafted per trip.

Items/Skills required:

From Falador (either east or west bank, it doesn't matter), run south to Port Sarim and board the ship bound for Entrana. Craft the runes and teleport to Falador to bank and repeat the cycle.

Draynor/Pest Control walkEdit

This method is the slowest, but no items except the Law talisman, Law tiara, or Law talisman staff are required. Drinking one or two Energy potions or resting at the nearby musician will help.

Run to Entrana. Craft the runes and run back to the Draynor Village bank. In addition to this, you may run from Entrana to the Pest Control island bank and back.

Player Owned PortsEdit

If a player has unlocked the Refitted Workshop(requires 500 slate and 2000 bamboo) in Player owned ports, there is a bank box inside of the workshop that can be used.

Items/Skills required:

The Captain's log has a teleport option when right-clicking, which places the player right outside the portal.

Port Sarim LodestoneEdit

Items required:

If a player has activated the Port Sarim Lodestone, all one has to do is to equip the Ring of kinship. Using the home teleport, teleport to the Port Sarim Lodestone, run to the monks, take the boat the Entrana, craft runes, use the Ring of kinship and teleport to the bank at Daemonheim, deposit the runes and restock essence and repeat.

This is similar in speed to the Cabbage Port method, if just slightly slower, but has the advantage of being able to bring a full inventory of essence as compared to the Cabbage Port method where one slot must be used to put the Explorer's ring 3 / 4. Furthermore, you don't have to deposit the ring, saving a second or two.


  • Before the 2 January 2008 Trade Limit update, law running was extremely popular among players, since runecrafters would pay back both the crafted law runes and noted pure essences (runners would get the law runes for free on world 66). However, the popularity dropped swiftly after the update as the traditional trade would easily exceed the trade limit. Law tiaras were difficult to obtain because they required the completion of the Troll Stronghold quest. Even using the Assist System was difficult.
  • Due to the updates of 1 February 2011, law running initially regained some popularity. However, the introduction of the ZMI/Ourania altar provided a method of training that is faster than law running unless there are substantial amounts of law runners and few crafters (highly uncommon).


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